Exploring New Orleans Probate Bond Options

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Securing a New Orleans probate bond can be an easy process when working with a surety bond expert. Jurisco has a team of surety bond experts who understand every Louisiana surety bond requirement.  They help clients understand which New Orleans probate bond is right for their situation.

Which Probate Bonds are Required?

There is a variety of probate bonds and each applies to its own set of circumstances. For instance, a trustee bond could not be used to satisfy administrator bond requirements. Below is a list of New Orleans probate bonds that may come into play:

  • Guardianship Bond
  • Receiver Bond
  • Curator Bond
  • Administrator Bond
  • Trustee Bond
  • Custodian of Veteran Bond

An administrator bond applies to an individual or third-party who is overseeing an estate or will. This is one of the most used surety bonds in New Orleans. A trustee bond is required for anyone taking control of a trust. It’s important to secure a trustee bond in the same jurisdiction where the trust is held.

Image of a New Orleans Street taken early in the morning before the crowd begins.Surety bond professionals at Jurisco are on-hand to answer any questions or concerns about New Orleans probate bonds. Working with Jurisco means clients receive the right bond the first time.

Why are Surety Bonds Necessary?

The state of Louisiana requires surety bonds as a means of protecting parties involved in a case. Going back to the trustee bond example, this surety bond covers the trustee against wrongdoing by the individual or party who is overseeing the trust. The trustee bond must protect the full amount of the trust.

Courts and municipalities can add on requirements for probate bonds, but for the most part they stick close to the Louisiana bond guidelines.

Can a New Orleans Probate Bond be Secured within a Day?

The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco understands the importance of promptness. “It took my surety bond provider too long” is not an excuse accepted by a judge or City. Jurisco works hard and fast to deliver the right New Orleans probate bond to every client. Without delay or worry, probate bonds can be taken care of in just a few steps.

Start the surety bond process now by completing an online probate bond application. These online applications get the ball rolling so bond experts can get an overview of a client’s needs and situation.

Jurisco enjoys working with clients throughout Louisiana. By being experts in the field, Jurisco bond writers make the bond process easier than other bonding companies. Contact Jurisco today to learn more about which New Orleans probate bond is the right one for your situation. The bond experts are waiting to talk to you.

Louisiana Health Club Bond

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Louisiana Health Club BondLouisiana is home to some of the tastiest foods the South has to offer with jambalaya, gumbo, and bar-b-Que shrimp making people lick their fingers and their lips. People watching Justin Wilson prepare his New Orleans specialties were able to join in the feast of Creole and Cajun delights helping spread the Louisiana flavor far and wide. When there is good food around, there is going to be talk of exercise to help burn off the calories. One exercise resource is Louisiana Health Clubs, which are opening in towns across the state. Today, Jurisco discusses important Health Club Bond information for health clubs in Louisiana.

Home to Super Bowl Champions the New Orleans Saints and SEC dominants the LSU Tigers, Louisiana knows how to stay in shape. Lifting free weights, taking aerobic classes, meditating to yoga and swimming laps in a pool are only a few ways to help burn off the bar-b-que calories. In order for a health club to offer these classes and activities, though, they must operate with a health club bond. A health club bond is a type of surety bond protecting the consumer for fees paid in advance.

When people join a club and receive a membership they promise to pay a certain amount each month. A gym member who pays on May 1 is guaranteed use of the gym throughout the month. In the event the gym should close its business on May 15, the member is guaranteed to receive their payment back. The state of Louisiana mandates health clubs and gyms to have a health club bond guaranteeing their members any unpaid fees or dues should the gym close down. Without this bond, members of a health club are not protected against losing money.

Health Club Bond are common in Louisiana and are not viewed as “high risk” when compared to other surety bonds. Generally, the market for health clubs bonds is stable. Operating a gym without a surety bond is a high risk that can lead to huge financial losses (which only adds to the “out of business” woes). Jurisco can discuss the health club bond cost with you one-on-one to ensure you get the best rate for your surety bond. Contact us today for more information.

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