Help With Mechanic Lien Texas Situations

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Dealing with a mechanic lien in Texas doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using a surety bond can sidestep a lot of troubles that mechanic liens cause. Working with a surety bond expert provides an easy way to take care of mechanic lien Texas situations quickly.

What Does A Mechanic’s Lien Mean?

TexasA mechanic’s lien is a lien on a property prohibiting the sale or transfer of ownership of the property. Often times, a lien is placed on property as part of a payment dispute. Contractors deal with this issue often when attempting to collect on bills for work completed or materials bought.

The Texas Bar explains Texas mechanic lien requirements in further detail on their site. In short, a lien is a legally binding hold on property until the dispute between plaintiff and defendant are cleared up.

How To Remove A Mechanic Lien in Texas

As one can imagine, a lien can cause serious problems for individuals and businesses. For individuals still making mortgage payments, a lien may cause the mortgage holder to increase payments or apply fines. Liens can also lead to tax issues. One of the fastest ways to remove a mechanic lien in Texas is with a surety bond.

Using a surety bond allows for the alleged debt to be covered while removing the lien. Posting a mechanic lien Texas bond is not an admission of guilt. In short, the surety bond simply takes the place of the lien. A transfer of lien bond is proof to a Texas judge that the issue is being handled seriously. It doesn’t take long for a judge to rule on the lien and accept the surety bond.

Ways to Avoid A Lien

One way to avoid a lien is to make a contractor and/or subcontractor sign a lien waiver. Some contractors make subcontractors sign such a waiver. The waiver rules out the threat of a lien. Meaning the owed party would have to seek other avenues to gain payment.

After a lien has been filed there may be ways to dispute it. Timing is one of the main reasons why liens are struck down. Mechanic lien Texas requirements include serving the lien within 5 days of filing the application. Judges in Texas make sure that this and other procedures are followed properly when determining the validity of a mechanic lien.

Have more mechanic lien Texas bond questions? Contact Jurisco today to speak with a Texas surety bond expert about mechanic lien bonds. Jurisco works to provide same-day service whenever possible, while offering low surety bond rates.

Knowing The Writ of Possession Texas Rules

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Understanding the writ of possession Texas requirements is essential before using this type of surety bond. A writ of possession Texas bond is typically used by landlords seeking to regain possession of property. If the surety bond is not filed properly, the court may delay the eviction process which can be costly.

Evictions and Writ of Possession Texas Uses

Texas State Capitol, Austin TXA writ of possession is also known as an attachment bond. The writ of possession Texas bond is a surety that guarantees the full costs and damages associated with the attachment. A landlord seeking to remove a tenant, for example, would have to cover the amount of rent owed among other court expenses.

Texas takes evictions seriously. It isn’t uncommon for cities and counties to offer resources for those facing eviction. The resources include a description of writ of possession. Taylor County’s eviction help and the Austin Tenants’ Council are just two examples of this practice.

When a tenant refuses to comply with the eviction order, a writ of possession is used to give Texas authorities’ the right to give the landlord possession. Not complying with this step can result in higher costs or even further legal hassles should the tenant sue.

Working with Jurisco is the easiest way to know that a writ of possession Texas surety bond is correct and secure.

Speaking with A Surety Bond Expert

Evictions can be a stressful experience. To limit the headaches and cost, a writ of possession Texas bond may just be the answer. Surety bond experts at Jurisco will take the time to answer any questions you may have about the surety bond and necessary steps. Jurisco also provides online bond applications to make sure you can receive the bond you need when you need it.

Contact Jurisco today to discuss writ of possession Texas surety bonds, the application process, and how to limit bond cost.

Texas Release Of Lien Options

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It is important to know what Texas release of lien options are available when dealing with a lien. Texas imposes strict mechanic lien deadlines among other requirements. Making the wrong move is going to come with a cost.

A Texas release of lien bond can remove a mechanics lien.

A Texas release of lien bond can remove a mechanics lien.

One of the best things to do for a Texas lien is to transfer the lien to a surety bond. This is called a release of lien bond. Release of mechanic’s lien is another common term for the bond.

A Texas Release of Lien Bond

A Texas release of lien surety bond may be used for any liens. Whether the lien is on a house from a contractor seeking payment or on a vehicle that wasn’t paid off, a surety bond is accepted by the court to secure payment.

The release of lien bond fully covers the amount being disputed. It is essentially a transfer of a lien on the property to a surety bond. The bond represents the debt owed. Since the surety bond protects the alleged owed-party, Texas courts see a bond as a good measure.

The bond is not an automatic payout to the owed party. A Texas release of lien bond shows the court that there is an intention to handle the disputed funds. It does not take the surety bond as an admittance of wrongdoing. The bond simply proves that the dispute will be handled and that there isn’t a need to involve property.

Texas Transfer of Lien Requirements

Courts and local municipalities deal with liens frequently. Residents in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Austin all have the same ability to secure a lien when they are owed money.

When a lien happens things can spiral quickly. Take the Tex-Mex restaurant chain,  El Chico Restaurants. An error in paperwork resulted in a tax lien on the property. Now there is a back and forth battle trying to clear up the issue. This hasn’t helped their business.

Texas release of lien mandates must be abided by. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles even has their own set of criteria for removing a lien. Working with a Texas surety bond expert like Jurisco guarantees a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Get A Release Of Lien Today

Need a release of lien right now? Contact Jurisco. A Texas surety bond expert knows which Texas release of lien bond will help. Plus, there is the added benefit of Jurisco offering low surety bond rates.

Appeal Bond Texas Uses

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An appeal bond in Texas is used by a defendant wishing to halt collection of a judgment until after an appeal. This surety bond must comply with appeal bond Texas statute in order to be accepted by the court. Once the appeal bond Texas requirements are met the defendant can seek an appeal without the necessity of automatic payment.

Increasing The Chance To Appeal

Texas courts recognize the rights of both the defendant and the plaintiff to appeal a judgment. There are situations, however, where

A Texas appeal bond stops the payment of money until after the appeal.

A Texas appeal bond stops the payment of money until after the appeal.

the right to appeal is fully protected but the logistics of an appeal is too much to overcome.

A small business who is taken to court over a customer injury may not have the large sum to pay all at once for the judgment. Money will be needed for the appeal. This causes defendants to settle cases instead of appealing them. Courts throughout Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth deal with this on the small and large scale.

One way to overcome this hurdle is an appeal bond. The appeal bond Texas statute serves as a way for a defendant to show the court good faith. Faith that means the plaintiff will receive payment.

Cost Effective Court Bonds

The amount of a Texas appeal bond is based on the judgment value. Instead of paying the total judgment, the defendant only pays to cover a percentage of what is owed.

Working with a surety bond expert at Jurisco keeps appeal bond Texas rates low. Since they understand all the appeal bond Texas requirements they can secure the best bond at the best rate.

Securing an appeal bond is easier than paying the judgment immediately, appealing, and then having to go back to court to recover the paid judgment. Defendants who believe their appeal will be accepted have strong motive to use an appeal bond in Texas.

Dealing With Texas Surety Bond Experts

Appeal bonds are used throughout the country. As a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco handles appeal bonds in every state. The bond experts know how to handle a Texas surety bond.

The lawyer trained staff at Jurisco knows all the appeal bond Texas ins and outs. When a defendant needs an appeal bond fast they call Jurisco. Being able to secure the appeal bond the same day is a big service to defendants who are facing a money judgment.

Releasing A Mechanic Lien Texas Bond

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A mechanic lien Texas situation may arise from a contractor not being paid for services. To recover the money they feel they are owed they will put a lien on property.

A release mechanic lien texas bond can remove a lien against real property.

A release mechanic lien texas bond can remove a lien against real property.

Having a lien placed on property can cause several problems if not addressed right away. Houses can be foreclosed on, automobiles can be repossessed, and other items may be seized by Texas law enforcement.

Removing A Lien

To release a mechanic lien a surety bond must be secured to cover the amount in question.

A mechanic lien Texas surety will financially cover the amount of money claimed to be owed by the defendant. This takes the property and other items off the table to be held responsible for the owed payment.

Using a surety bond to release a Texas mechanic lien is one of the most efficient ways to handle a lien. Knowing the limits of a mechanic lien Texas bond helps clear up the issue without adding more trouble to the mix.

Texas courts accept the release of mechanics lien bond as a way to prove that the matter will be resolved without further financial loss.

Who Can Request A Mechanic’s Lien?

Contractors are known to place liens on property but it is important to remember that people working for the contractor can also request a lien. Ultimately, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure people are paid for the work.

They give the money to the contractor with the understanding that this money will be used to pay for work. If a subcontractor or employee is not paid then they can seek the money from the client.

Having a contractor and subcontractors sign a lien waiver before work begins is a good way to protect against needing a bond.

A Surety Bond Quickly

Let Jurisco assist you with all your mechanic lien Texas requirements, questions and concerns. Don’t waste time and be unprotected.

Jurisco knows exactly what is mandated for a mechanic lien Texas bond. The staff meets your needs quickly delivering a solid, secure mechanic lien Texas surety bond.

Uses of Writ of Attachment Texas Bond

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A writ of attachment Texas bond may be used to secure property during a court case.

A writ of attachment Texas bond may be used to secure property during a court case.

Are you involved in a case where someone owes you money and need a way to protect payment? A writ of attachment Texas surety bond helps.

A writ of attachment Texas surety bond is used in several types of situations including property securement, ensuring someone testifies in court, and helping parents regain possession of their children.

Seizing Property To Secure Payment

Often times a writ of attachment Texas bond is employed in cases where one party owes another money. The attachment or seizure of an asset is used as a way to secure funds that the plaintiff claims they are owed.

Because making sure the assets are still available once the Texas court issues its ruling is important a writ of attachment secures the property at the start of the case.

The seizure is usually handled by a member of law enforcement.

Whatever is seized by the state will maintain in their custody until a judge issues a ruling.

When A Writ Of Attachment Bond Is Necessary

There are other reasons a writ of attachment Texas bond may be needed that have nothing to do with how a defendant will pay a judgment.

Prosecutors use this procedure when someone has ignored a subpoena to testify and lawyers working child support cases know it is helpful in regaining possession of children.

When a witness has disobeyed a subpoena a Texas prosecutor may seek to have the witness brought to the courthouse at the appointed time. This is better than seeking a continuance or striking the witness from the list of those who will testify.

A parent or guardian who is dealing with a situation where one person is not complying with a court order the state can use a writ of attachment Texas bond to remove the child and deliver them to the person who has legal custody at that time.

A Fast, Reliable Surety Bond

When a surety bond is needed there is no time to waste. Jurisco understands the necessity for speed and efficiency when securing any type of bond.

Regardless of the reason you may require a writ of attachment Texas bond the Jurisco team covers all the bases so there are no errors.

Writ of Possession Texas Bond

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With factors driving more people to rent than buy, the renters market is getting more competitive and more expensive. Landlords in Texas, as in other states, are having to deal with a very negative side of this exchange: evictions. This is why a writ of possession Texas surety bond is becoming very familiar to both landlords and tenants.

Renters in Dallas, Texas are spending more on rent.

Renters in Dallas, Texas are spending more on rent.

Rent Increase In Texas

According to a story on Market Place, the economy’s inflation is having a steady impact on how much income a renter spends on their rent. Rents in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas are higher by over 5 percent since the past year which is more than the national average of 3 percent.

Putting that in perspective, a renter in Dallas is believed to spend at least 30 percent of their income on monthly rent.

The increase in rent is only one cause of evictions.

Job loss, health issues, and unexpected expenses take their toll on an individual or family budget. This means people have to move somewhere near their new job, closer to a better school, or a place that makes paying the rest of their bills affordable.

Bond Protection For Landlords And Tenants

Landlords have always had to remove some tenants who failed to pay or keep up property. Evictions in Texas isn’t a new thing by any means nor is a writ of possession Texas bond.

It’s a standard eviction process in Texas but as more attention is being paid to the general rise in cost-of-living and eviction rates it becomes more imperative for landlords to protect themselves and their tenants.

A writ of possession Texas surety bond provides that protection.

When a landlord seeks to take possession of the property and remove the Tenant, the state of Texas requires a writ of possession bond – this is also known as a replevin bond or claim and delivery bond. The surety bond must be secured by the Texas landlord if they wish these actions to occur before a court makes a final judgement in the eviction hearing.

The writ of possession Texas bond guarantees that if the repossession and removal are later deemed wrong by the court that the tenants will be able to collect damages. A Texas tenant’s right to be protected is always in play.
Make the right move as a landlord and let Jurisco secure a writ of possession Texas bond before moving forward. Jurisco provides same day surety bond services and the lawyer-trained staff understand all writ of possession Texas requirements that a landlord must abide by before removing a tenant.

Texas Garnishment Bond And Wage Attachment Restrictions

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texas garnishment bond Garnishing wages in the state of Texas can be more difficult than in other areas of the country. While every state must abide by Federal Law, Texas is one of the few states where the garnishment restrictions are even tougher at the state level. Before garnishing a person’s wages it is important to know what is required, including the posting of a garnishment bond.

Only Allowed In Certain Cases

Taking wages directly from a worker’s paycheck is serious business. Federal laws limit how much can be garnished out of wages to ensure the person who is being garnished still has enough to live on (pay rent, buy groceries, e.g.). In Texas the only way a creditor can garnish wages is if the person owes child support, student loans, taxes, or alimony.

One of the provisions a plaintiff must take in a garnishment case is a garnishment bond. This type of surety bond proves to the court that the garnishment is not being done with ill intent, but simply to recover owed funds. The bond amount usually covers the overall amount which is being attached to their wages.

Showing Cause

In court cases a judge is going to check on a plaintiff’s right to make a wage attachment. Having the garnishment bond in place is a good way to show the judge that the action is not being taken lightheartedly. It proves that the plaintiff is prepared to make it right should the garnishment be deemed wrong.

Any questions about a garnishment bond or other type of surety bond in Texas can be answered quickly and efficiently by a member of the Jurisco staff. Our lawyer trained team has extensive knowledge about Texas and its requirements of bonding in court cases. We can help make the garnishment process as seamless as possible for all involved parties.

Custodian of Veteran Bond in Texas

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Custodian of Veteran Bond in TexasCustodian of Veteran bond in Texas work similarly to guardianship bonds in that they oversee the assets of another person. However, the two cannot be interchangeable as the custodian of veteran bond deals solely with veterans of the United States armed forces. While guardianship bonds go through Texas probate court, parties overseeing a veteran’s estate are channeled through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Today we will talk about why a custodian of veteran bond in texas required, its associated cost and how to fill out an online application.

Does the VA require a custodian of veteran bond?

Veterans Affairs may require a custodian of veterans bond, but a Texas court may also step in to enforce the measure. The surety bond is necessary to fully protect the assets of the veteran whose estate is being watched after. You can find a complete list of Texas locations for Veterans Affairs online.

Why would a veteran need a custodian for her/his estate?

The naming of a custodian only occurs when a veteran is deemed incapacitated. Usually a veteran is considered incapacitated due to mental illness, a physical illness, disability, chronic drug use or advanced age.

What are the responsibilities of custodian?

The person named custodian must properly handle all funds received for disability, time of service, etc. He or she is responsible for ensuring the funds are not misspent and that the veteran is taken care of.

How much does a custodian of veteran bond cost?

The cost of all surety bonds depend on various factors including the wealth of an estate, the credit history of the custodian and special state requirements for the bond. A surety bond expert at Jurisco can discuss your particular requirements to give you an idea of the amount.

Can I fill out a bond application online?

Yes, Jurisco makes it easy to fill out a custodian of veteran bond application online. Should this not be the best method for you, our office can fax over a surety bond application today.

Supersedeas Bond in Texas

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Supersedeas Bond in TexasA supersedeas bond in Texas covers the cost of a money judgment and court fees, in order to stay a judgment during an appeal process. Without using a surety bond, a defendant is required to immediately settle the judgment with the plaintiff. Clients may be hopeful that they will not need the appeal process, some refuse to prepare for its inevitability, but a supersedeas bond should be a priority.

Applying, being approved, and actually writing the supersedeas bond takes time. Since the judgment is effective as soon as it is issued, a client in Texas needs to plan ahead. Obtaining a supersedeas bond (this may be referred to as an appeal bond in certain Texas cities) should be done before a ruling is made. This way the defendant is able to immediately stay the judgment and move forward with their appeal.

Why required Supersedeas Bond in Texas?

When a judge and/or jury finds in favor of the plaintiff and grants a money judgment against the defendant, the court expects that order to be carried out dutifully. However, the court also understands and respects the defendant’s right to appeal or protest the decision. While this legal right is upheld, it does not overshadow the responsibility the defendant has to the initial court ruling.

A supersedeas bond works like a financial guarantee covering the full amount of the judgment plus all related court cost. Since the bond stays the execution of the judgment the defendant can carry on the appeal without having to worry about paying the full settlement to the judgment holder.

This may seem like a cheaper way out for the defendant. Certainly there have been cases where individuals and businesses have used the appeal process to delay payment. But requiring the bond insures the ruling will be upheld and payment made.

Cost of Surety Bond

The amount of a supersedeas bond in Texas is easy to compute: if the judgment is under $40,000.00 the bond must be double the judgment amount. If the judgment is over $40,000.00 the bond must be 150%. For individuals this amount could be in the thousands of dollars, while major corporations face million dollar payouts. This means the cost is going to fluctuate from case to case, as well as being dependent on local regulations.

To receive a price for a supersedeas bond and to discuss your bonding needs, please contact Jurisco today.

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