Surety Bonds Illinois

Jurisco writes Illinois surety bonds for clients throughout the Land of Lincoln including Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet and Naperville. Unlike other surety bond companies, Jurisco is a nationwide provider that is familiar with the state requirements and statutes. Our clients can trust their Conservator, Attachment, Injunction and other Illinois surety bonds will always meet the mandates of their state court and/or agency.

To start the process for applying for a Surety Bond Illinois, click on the appropriate link for your Fidelity, Plaintiff, Defendant or Probate bond application. Any questions about your Illinois surety bonds can be answered by a member of our expert staff. We are available via phone and email to answer questions about bond types and rates.


Illinois Surety Bonds & Rates:  Probate Bonds

Personal representative Sliding scale- excel calculator attached

Illinois Surety Bonds & Rates: Plaintiff Bonds

Garnishment 1%
Sheriff indemnity
Corporate Undertaking
Receiver 0.5%
Injunction 2%
Lis Pendens
Bid Protest
Distress for Rent
Financial Guarantee

Illinois Surety Bonds & Rates:  Defendant’s Bonds

Must be fully collateralized by either cash or Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Supersedeas (Appeal) 1%
Lis Pendens
Transfer of Lien

Illinois Surety Bonds & Rates:  Fidelity Bonds

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