Arizona Appeal Bonds

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Meeting the requirements for Arizona appeal bonds is important for any appeal case in the state. An appeal can be derailed over appeal bond issues. Jurisco is determined to help clients avoid any negative fallback by making sure they have the Arizona appeal bonds they need.

What is an appeal bond?

Image of the welcome sign for the state of ArizonaAn Arizona appeal bond is used by a defendant in a court case when they wish to appeal the court’s ruling. This type of surety bond covers the cost of the appeal, any applicable fees, and other related costs.

Courts in Arizona require appeal bonds to handle the related costs while also ensuring the seriousness of the issue. Appeal bonds can be seen as a way to prove that the defendant isn’t simply stalling for time.

Will an appeal bond stay a judgement?

Arizona appeal bonds cover the cost of the appeal. To stay a judgement until after an appeal a stay bond, also known as a pending appeal bond, must be secured. It is still up to the court’s discretion as to whether or not the stay bond is accepted. Once the surety bond is accepted the judgement will not be enforced until after the appeal is heard.

Are Arizona appeal bonds always required?

In the majority of appeal situations, an appeal bond is required. Arizona surety bond laws restrict and reinforce their use. However, there are instances when the presiding judge can waive the appeal bond requirement. The plaintiff can always contest the need for an appeal bond, too.

The Arizona surety bond professionals at Jurisco find the right surety bond solution for the case. They can help navigate the waters to deliver the best bond possible to meet all requirements.

How much time does it take to secure an Arizona surety bond?

Jurisco delivers same day service for all Arizona appeal bonds. Online surety bond applications are available to begin the process right now. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco is fully aware of how important time is when dealing with appeals. Clients can always contact Jurisco to receive for fast, expert surety bond service in every Arizona city.

Court Definition Of Surety Bond

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The definition of surety bond must be satisfied by a defendant or plaintiff. Whichever party is seeking to secure a surety bond to cover their actions, the court expects all mandates are covered.  Working with a surety bond expert ensures the right surety bond is used.

court definition of surety bonds imageUnderstanding the Definition of Surety Bond

A definition of surety bond has the common structure of financially covering an action. States and courts use surety bonds as a way to However, the definition of surety bond will vary slightly from action to action.

For example, a business who is required to post a seller of travel bond will deal with a different definition of surety bond than that of a plaintiff seeking an injunction. While the roots of bonds are generally the same, it is important to work with a surety bond company that will help navigate the differences.

The definition of surety bond is essentially good faith shown to the court. This good faith makes judges a little more relaxed about actions that could result in a negative financial way. Showing a court good faith goes a long way in creating the better legal situation.

Court Bonds for Plaintiff and Defendant

Court surety bonds may be used by a plaintiff or defendant. The parties can present the bond on their own, be asked to secure a bond by the other party, or be mandated by the court directly.

An example of a plaintiff bond is a lis pendens bond. The lis pendens bond blocks the sale of the property until after a court has ruled on the case. Using a lis pendens gives the plaintiff more time to protest the sale and protect their vested interest.

A common defendant surety bond is an appeal bond. The appeal bond may also be referred to as a supersedeas bond. The definition of surety bond for appeals sets the bond amount. The amount must cover the full judgment. This amount is used to show that the defendant respects the court ruling. Not securing the right bond amount may result in the denial of a bond by the court.

Surety Bond Process Made Easy

Jurisco makes the surety bond process easy. Surety bond experts are easy to contact. The lawyer trained staff of bond professionals always help clients secure the right bond at a low rate.

Contact Jurisco to discuss the definition of surety bond and other topics that are of interest. They will help secure a bond the same day the application is received.

Appeal Bond Washington Requirements

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When a defendant seeks an appeal, while asking for a suspension of judgment collection, they are often required to secure an appeal bond first. The appeal bond Washington statute calls for a surety bond in an effort to protect the plaintiff from being wrongfully denied payment. An appeal bond also promises the court the appeal does not waste the court’s time either.

Court Approved Appeal Bonds

A Washington appeal bond can help companies facing the possibility of debt.

A Washington appeal bond can help companies facing the possibility of debt.

Judges in all Washington cities accept, and often mandate, appeal bonds. An appeal bond is a type of surety bond used by defendants who wish to not pay the judgment until after the appeal.

The appeal bond covers the amount of the judgment. Courts are allowed to add on court costs and fees when setting the Washington appeal bond amount. This allows judges in Tacoma, Bellevue, Spokane, Seattle and other Washington municipalities to make a fair appraisal of the situation.

By meeting all appeal bond Washington requirements the court will stay the judgment.

Without the deadline of payment, the defendant can seek an appeal. If the appeal is denied the Washington surety bond ensures the plaintiff receives payment. Courts tend to be satisfied with the results an appeal bond brings in Washington.

Requiring A Bond

Most of the time a defendant will seek an appeal bond in Washington first. However, there are situations where the court requires the surety bond.

When a court believes a defendant is purposefully dragging their feet, so to speak, in paying the judgement, they will intervene with the appeal bond mandate.

The reason why the appeal bond Washington statute exists is so the court and plaintiff would be ensured payment of the judgement.

Working With A Surety Bond Expert

Since Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company they make sure to have surety bond experts serving each state. A Washington surety bond expert at Jurisco is easy to contact and do business with.

Experts understand what timeframe appeal bond Washington clients are up against. They know what the courts want to be covered by the bond. They know how to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s so all appeal bond Washington requirements are met.

Working with an expert makes the appeal bond Washington process simple and quick. The appeal bond application can be filled out online.

Knowing all the appeal bond Washington standards helps Jurisco deliver the best bond possible. Often times the surety bond process is complete the same day the application is delivered.

Appeal Bond Florida Cases

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The state of Florida sees its fair share of appeal cases. Meaning that their courts accept appeals just like every other state in the country. The frequency of cases let to the appeal bond Florida statute which allows, often requires, a defendant to post a surety bond. A Florida appeal bond temporarily suspends collection of a judgment until after the appeal.

Purpose of an Appeal Bond

A Florida appeal bond can help a defendant have the resources necessary for an appeal.

A Florida appeal bond can help a defendant have the resources necessary for an appeal.

An appeal bond is a type of surety bond that a defendant may use to halt payment on a judgment until after the appeal is complete. When a surety bond meets all the appeal bond Florida requirements it is seen as a sign of good faith that the plaintiff will not be wrongfully denied the judgment.

The best way to show the court that the appeal is being done with purpose and not meant to delay payment is through an appeal bond.

A Florida man seeking an appeal in a ponzi scheme case is facing more than 17 years in jail and a huge judgment. An appeal bond is a resource to him.

Businesses in Florida use an appeal bond to stay a judgment which allows them to have the money to continue to operate.

Appeal bond Florida statute serves as a resource to protect the amount of the judgment while allowing the defendant to seek an appeal unhindered by payment obligation.

Florida Appeal Bond Rates

Working with a reputable Florida surety bond company also provides ways to lower appeal bond rates. The appeal bond Florida experts at Jurisco know how to deliver the best bond at the best rate.

Whether a client is in Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami or anywhere else in Florida, Jurisco constantly delivers quality bonds fast. The appeal bond Florida process can be completed the same day the bond application is received in most cases.

The appeal bond rates are determined by appeal bond Florida statute, the amount of judgment, and associated court costs.

Obtain an Appeal Bond Today

Jurisco surety bond experts know the intricacies of appeal bond Florida requirements while being able to deliver low surety bond rates competitive at the national level.

The appeal bond Florida process is easy with Jurisco. Contact a bond expert today to secure an appeal bond fast.

Lowering Appeal Bond California Rates

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The benefits of using an appeal bond in California are clearly there. Finding the best appeal bond California rates might not be as transparent.

Working with a credible surety bond company is important no matter what type of bond is needed. The insight of surety bond experts helps deliver solid appeal bonds with low rates. It all comes down to knowing the appeal bond California requirements and how to best deliver a low cost.

An appeal bond is better for California defendants so they can halt judgment payments.

An appeal bond is better for California defendants so they can halt judgment payments.

Jurisco understands the complexities of appeal cases. Bond experts are well trained in working with the appeal bond California mandates to deliver full coverage with a low rate. Being a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco is able to provide low surety bond rates to individual states.

Purpose of Appeal Bonds in California

Using an appeal bond is the best way to halt collection of a judgment until after the appeal is complete. The appeal bond California statute requires the surety to protect the plaintiff against any wrongful delay of payment. Usually, an appeal bond is secured the same day Jurisco receives the bond application.

This surety bond can be secured by the defendant by their own volition or it may be mandated by a California court.

California courts are accustomed to dealing with appeal cases. In an effort to deter faulty appeals or unnecessary delays, the courts keep things moving smoothly with surety bonds. Whether the defendant is in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, or San Diego the courts readily accept, and require an appeal bond.

Only an appeal bond ensures the payment of judgment should the appeal be denied.

Appeal Bonds in Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy cases often include the necessity of an appeal bond. California courts are no exception.

The Los Angeles Times reported about American Apparel’s bankruptcy case worth more than $200 million in bonds. The court is requiring the clothing company to post an appeal bond as part of its reorganization effort.

Again the defendants are being held to task by the appeal bond California requirements. However, they are also benefiting from having more time to handle payment.

The appeal bond California statute is seen as a sort of win-win situation since it protects the plaintiff while giving the defendant a chance to appeal.

Need An Appeal Bond Now?

Contact Jurisco to ask any questions about the appeal bond California process and how they can lower the surety bond rate. The appeal bond application may be filled out online right now to get started.

Appeal Bond Texas Uses

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An appeal bond in Texas is used by a defendant wishing to halt collection of a judgment until after an appeal. This surety bond must comply with appeal bond Texas statute in order to be accepted by the court. Once the appeal bond Texas requirements are met the defendant can seek an appeal without the necessity of automatic payment.

Increasing The Chance To Appeal

Texas courts recognize the rights of both the defendant and the plaintiff to appeal a judgment. There are situations, however, where

A Texas appeal bond stops the payment of money until after the appeal.

A Texas appeal bond stops the payment of money until after the appeal.

the right to appeal is fully protected but the logistics of an appeal is too much to overcome.

A small business who is taken to court over a customer injury may not have the large sum to pay all at once for the judgment. Money will be needed for the appeal. This causes defendants to settle cases instead of appealing them. Courts throughout Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth deal with this on the small and large scale.

One way to overcome this hurdle is an appeal bond. The appeal bond Texas statute serves as a way for a defendant to show the court good faith. Faith that means the plaintiff will receive payment.

Cost Effective Court Bonds

The amount of a Texas appeal bond is based on the judgment value. Instead of paying the total judgment, the defendant only pays to cover a percentage of what is owed.

Working with a surety bond expert at Jurisco keeps appeal bond Texas rates low. Since they understand all the appeal bond Texas requirements they can secure the best bond at the best rate.

Securing an appeal bond is easier than paying the judgment immediately, appealing, and then having to go back to court to recover the paid judgment. Defendants who believe their appeal will be accepted have strong motive to use an appeal bond in Texas.

Dealing With Texas Surety Bond Experts

Appeal bonds are used throughout the country. As a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco handles appeal bonds in every state. The bond experts know how to handle a Texas surety bond.

The lawyer trained staff at Jurisco knows all the appeal bond Texas ins and outs. When a defendant needs an appeal bond fast they call Jurisco. Being able to secure the appeal bond the same day is a big service to defendants who are facing a money judgment.

The Supersedeas Bond Washington Case

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A Washington supersedeas bond is an appeal bond used to postpone payment of a judgment. Meeting the supersedeas bond Washington requirements is the only way a defendant can delay payment.

Supersedeas bonds are accepted in almost every state. The guidelines for surety bonds are very similar state-to-state. However, it is important to be aware of differences. Having access to a bond expert helps navigate the supersedeas

Meeting the supersedeas bond Washington requirement can help save money for the appeal.

Meeting the supersedeas bond Washington requirement can help save money for the appeal.

bond Washington variations. There may also be special requirements in different Washington cities including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Spokane.

Why A Supersedeas Bond Helps

Think about a business who is facing a multi-million dollar judgment. Paying this amount could put them out of business.

A supersedeas bond suspends their payment responsibility. This helps them keep their business going while they put their efforts behind the appeal. Without the bond, the defendant may have to settle.

Supersedeas bond Washington mandates benefits the plaintiff, too. The surety bond ensures the plaintiff will receive the judgment and will not be hindered by a faulty appeal.

Finding The Best Surety Bond Rate

To receive the best surety bond rate work with a credible bond company. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond provider. The experts at Jurisco know how to meet supersedeas bond Washington requirements without causing delays.

By working with an expert, the defendant (whether it is a person, company, or group) has a better chance of having their supersedeas bond accepted. Jurisco surety bond experts know the unique challenges clients in the state of Washington face. They also know the best way to lower surety bond rates.

Start the Application Now

The surety bond application process is easy with Jurisco. A supersedeas bond application can be filled out online. In most cases, Jurisco can secure the bond the same day the application is received.

Appealing a judgment in Washington can be difficult with a judgment looming overhead. Let a Jurisco bond expert complete the supersedeas bond Washington requirements to relieve that stress.

Supersedeas Bond California

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Perhaps one of the most common types of surety bonds in California is a supersedeas bond. When a defendant seeks an appeal they typically meet the supersedeas bond California mandate first. Securing a supersedeas bond makes the appeal process easier to navigate.

Facing a large judgment can overwhelm an individual or business.

Facing a large judgment can overwhelm an individual or business.

This supersedeas bond California rule allows the payment of a judgment to be delayed until after the appeal is heard. Since the payment is halted, the defendant does not have to pay a large sum of money all at once.

Following are a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning supersedeas bond California uses.

What Is A California Supersedeas Bond?

A supersedeas bond is a type of surety bond used by defendants who are wishing to delay collection of judgment until after the appeal is heard.

How is a Supersedeas Bond Different From an Appeal Bond?

The short answer is they are not different. A supersedeas bond is an appeal bond. It is only used during appeals. This causes the two terms to be used interchangeably sometimes.

Appeals that concern money judgments use supersedeas bonds because it stops all payment requirements. This halting is why supersedeas is used instead of the word, appeal. But essentially supersedeas bonds and appeal bonds are one in the same. It’s just a word preference.

Are Appeal Bonds Unfair to the Plaintiff?

Courts work hard to protect plaintiffs against any wrongful delay of judgment payments. Appeal bonds, like all other surety bonds, must meet their specific requirements. If these requirements are met then the plaintiff is fully protected in the event of a supersedeas bond in California.

This supersedeas bond California action because it ensures the plaintiff will not unlawfully be denied the judgment. In California, this type of appeal bond must cover 150 percent of the judgment owed. This gives the plaintiff complete coverage.

Is it Common for California Courts To Accept Surety Bonds?

Supersedeas bonds are a normal process of the courts all throughout California including Los Angeles, San Franciso, San Diego, San Jose. Even with its frequent use, the presiding judge retains the ability to deny a bond. Working with a reputable surety bond company can help decrease this possibility.

Are Supersedeas Bond California Requirements the Same as the Other States?

Some supersedeas bond California requirements are unique to the state. For instance, Texas has a slew of subsections used to determine the amount of a supersedeas bond. California is a little more straightforward with an amount worth 150 percent of the judgment.

What Determines Low Surety Bond Rates?

Working with a proven surety bond company helps keep surety bond rates low. Being able to rely on a surety bond expert that understands all supersedeas bond California mandates and uses ensures low rates. Start the supersedeas bond online application now to receive a good surety bond rate.

Surety Bond Same Day Service

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surety bond serviceWhen a court or state demands a surety bond they want the bond expeditiously. Jurisco understands that the need for a surety bond can arise quickly. A team of lawyer-trained staff knows how important a surety bond is for a plaintiff, defendant, or for an individual seeking a bond for their licensing requirements so they are diligent in helping clients obtain the surety bond that is right for their situation.

A Bond When You Need It

A defendant who is seeking to temporarily halt the collection of a money judgment until after they have a chance to appeal needs their stay bond quickly to avoid being in contempt of court. The same goes for a plaintiff who wants to garnish wages with a wage garnishment bond. Life moves fast and so does Jurisco.

Questions about a bond whether it is a distress bond for a landlord or an appeal bond for a defendant are answered promptly and accurately by Jurisco staff. By having a bond expert working on the bond the plaintiff, defendant, individual, or business will meet all state requirements for their particular bond. It’s important to get things right the first time and Jurisco knows that.

Living Up To State Expectations

Jurisco offers surety bonds in all 50 states. The only reason Jurisco can offer this wide range of service is because the staff knows what each state wants for every type of surety bond they mandate. Clients who are in California may not need to do the same thing that someone from Wisconsin may have to do. Jurisco knows the difference.

Any surety bond process can begin right now by filling out a pdf online or by speaking to a member of the Jurisco staff at 800-274-2663. When a surety bond is what you require then you’ll be better served by contacting Jurisco to let us help.

The Rite Aid Case Seeks An Appeal Bond

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california appeal bondHave you heard the latest in the Rite Aid case going on in California? Rite Aid is in need of an appeal bond as a Los Angeles County Superior Court denied the company’s post-trial motions to strike down the $8.7 million jury verdict awarded to a former employee.

While Rite Aid attempts to circle the wagons the court is granting them time to post an appeal bond as they seek to appeal the ruling to a higher court.

The appeal bond helps stay the judgement so the pharmaceutical company does not have to pay out millions of dollars until after their appeal has been heard and ruled on.

When An Employee Sues

Trouble for Rite Aid started back in 2007 when a store manager was injured during an in-store robbery. Severe neck injuries restricted the manager’s movements and abilities.

The employee said Rite Aid higher ups did not handle his injury well, or with respect, and even made disparaging remarks leading to him losing his position.

Back in July a jury found that the employee suffered not only a lost in wages, but $5 million in punitive damages, as well.

Rite Aid has tried to shirk responsibility claiming that the store the manager worked at was actually acquired by Rite Aid but not ran by the company. The Judge did not buy the argument saying since the Rite Aid logo appeared at the store, the manager’s work computer, and other work effects that the business is responsible.

Having an employee sue a company can cause serious issues for a business as this case shows.

Staying A Judgement During Appeal

Since the request to slay the ruling was thrown out the only option left for Rite Aid is to post an appeal bond. Without this surety bond the company would be in contempt of court for not paying the judgement immediately.

Courts in California accept an appeal bond to stay a ruling because it financially protects the plaintiff in the case.

A surety bond covers the judgement amount so the court is shown that the ruling will be followed through despite the defendant’s wish to make an appeal to another court.

Money Judgements Can Be A Blow To The Bottom Line

Rite Aid is not the first business to find out how expensive court action can be. When an employee, customer, or other service provider takes a business to court it can be very costly to their bottom line.

Of course, one of the best ways to protect against court cost is to run a business that cares for employees and customers alike. However, not everything can be planned for. And certainly the actions of a few employees against another employee doesn’t represent total internal chaos – but it certainly doesn’t help a legal case.

Taking Court Action

When a California judge makes a ruling they expect it to be followed without delay. If a defendant feels they have an angle to appeal or relative new information then they may seek a judgement from a higher court.

In order to appeal without being in contempt of the judge’s ruling a defendant must post a surety bond called an appeal bond.

The appeal bond generally covers the amount of the money judgement along with any court fees or interest.

Anyone working a case in California should be aware of the appeal bond guidelines. A member of the Jurisco team can help set up an appeal bond quickly so the process will not be delayed.

Rite Aid is posting their appeal bond. Now only time will tell if there appeal will be sound enough to work.



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