Does A California Seller of Travel License Require A Bond?

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In order to receive a California seller of travel license, the state of California requires individuals to secure a surety bond. A California seller of travel bond protects the consumer against fraud. Working with a reputable surety bond company such as Jurisco makes the seller of travel bond process quick and simple.

What is a California Seller of Travel Bond?

Picture of a cove in CaliforniaA California seller of travel bond is intended to guarantee compliance with federal aviation restrictions and state statutes. This type of bond can sometimes be referred to as an Airline Reporting Commission Bond.

Surety bonds provide an avenue of recourse should a company or individual be found in noncompliance. In the event that a California seller of travel does not meet standards, the surety bond holds the financial responsibility.

Meeting Licensing Requirements

Without a seller of travel bond, an individual or company could face fines and legal action. This article covers California seller of travel licensing requirements.  A surety bond is the best way for a company or person to satisfy the state’s desire to protect consumers.

Operating without a California seller of travel bond can lead to a revocation of a business license. This can be costly, as a company is unable to work with clients. Taking care of the surety bond requirement at the beginning helps avoid these types of hassles.

How long does the surety bond process take?

Securing a surety bond will be a hassle-free experience when you work with a respected surety bond like Jurisco. Jurisco’s team of surety bond experts work with California sellers of travel to deliver same-day service whenever possible.

Online surety bond applications means the process can get started right now. A bond expert reviews the application so they can find the best rate possible. The cost of a surety bond can still be low even with bad credit. Jurisco works with a range of clients and will be able to provide low rates.

Contact Jurisco to discuss California seller of travel bonds. A bond professional is ready to answer any questions about types of surety bonds, the bonding process, and ways to lower surety bond cost.

California Seller Of Travel Bond Requirements

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A California Seller of Travel bond is required for any individual or business working as a travel agent. Fulfilling this surety bond requirement must be done to show compliance with California licensing statute.

Being A Travel Agent In California

A California seller of travel bond must be obtained before any person offers travel agent services to anyone in the state.

A California seller of travel bond must be obtained before any person offers travel agent services to anyone in the state.

When researching a California seller of travel surety bond you may run across the term Airline Reporting Commission bond. Both names apply to the same bond and meet California mandates for a travel agent operating or offering services in the state.

California seller of travel law is strict. The state has taken legislative measures to make sure a company or individual is held accountable for the way they conduct business.

A company or individual travel agent may not be located in the state but if they offer services to people who do reside in the state then they become subject to California registry requirements.

Travel agents also are required to register with the state’s Attorney General’s Office and to make their registration number clear on advertised services.

Seller Of Travel Bond Protection

The California seller of travel bond protects the consumer from misused funds or fraud on the part of the travel agent who sold them airline tickets and arranged the trip.

The bond covers the financial amount of money entrusted to the travel agent by a California consumer.

Other states require that travel agents hold money given to them by clients in a trust account. A California seller of travel surety bond will financially protect the consumer up to the amount they originally paid.

Prove Trustworthy

Having a seller of travel bond or airline reporting commission bond shows the court good faith that the travel agent will not knowingly misuse funds.

As a travel agent it is important to be trusted. People want to know they can be on their flight on time, at their destination, and to wherever else they need to go next without any hangups.

Jurisco can help you meet your California seller of travel bond requirement. Contact any of the highly trained staff to hear answers to any of your surety bond questions.

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