Injunction Florida Surety Bonds

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Chances are the term “injunction” has been heard by most people either from film and TV or through news stories. Injunction Florida surety bonds are required bonds by the state before an injunction can be granted. Injunction surety bonds covers any damages that the defendant may incur.

Florida requires injunction bonds as a way to protect the defendant against wrongful action. Injunction Florida bonds may also be required to cover additional legal fees. Speaking to a surety bond expert at Jurisco can help clear up any questions or doubts concerning injunction Florida bonds.

Injunction Florida Examples

Road sign welcoming people to FloridaInjunctions can be used for a wide range of reasons. Plaintiffs may use an injunction to stop the sale of assets or possibly stop the publication of a book. Injunction cases are not uncommon in Florida. Jurisco helps clients throughout Florida with their injunction surety bond needs.

Filing an injunction does not mean that the court will approve the requested action. Take this recent story about the U.S. Cricket Association (USACA). The USACA wanted to block the Caribbean Premiere League (CPL) from playing six games in Florida, claiming they were not properly sanctioned games. To halt the games, they filed an emergency injunction. A judge did not rule in their favor, however, saying the USACA did not show sufficient proof for the need of an injunction.

Injunction Surety Bond Process

Jurisco works with clients to make the injunction surety bond process as easy as possible. Surety bond experts know the injunction Florida requirements which speeds up the process considerably. Being familiar with the injunction Florida bonding statutes, Jurisco often delivers same-day service.

The process starts with filling out a bond application. Online surety bond applications are available. Once Jurisco receives the application, a bonding expert works to secure the right bond with a low rate. Even clients with bad credit can receive a good surety bond rate from Jurisco.

Contact Jurisco to learn more about injunction Florida bonds, the application process, and ways to lower the cost. A surety bond expert is on-hand to deliver the best injunction Florida surety bond available.

Injunction Florida Bond And Its Use

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Any party seeking an injunction in the state of Florida must post an injunction bond to protect against damages from a wrongful action. The injunction Florida surety bond allows the injunction to be carried out faster.

Florida Injunction Cases

Recently, there have been several injunction Florida cases where courts dealt with injunction requests. Each request is taken seriously by the court.

Injunction Florida cases are common as injunctions are sought against a defendant.

Injunction Florida cases are common as injunctions are sought against a defendant.

A federal judge made an injunction permanent against a dietary supplement manufacturer in Florida. In Jacksonville, city council members are asking for an injunction to be used against Uber until all their drivers properly display car-for-hire identification. Environmental groups even sought an injunction against the state to prevent this year’s bear hunt.

An injunction, the order to stop the defendant (person, corporation or government entity) from doing something or to require them to do something is a powerful legal tool.

Bond Protects Defendant

Part of proving to a Florida court judge that the injunction is warranted and necessary is meeting the requirement to secure an injunction surety bond. The injunction Florida bond covers the financial loss or damages the defendant may suffer should the move later be deemed wrongful.

In the cases of the dietary supplement company and Uber the state of Florida requires that those companies deserve protection as much as any other defendant would. While the injunction against Uber has yet to be finalized, the ruling against the dietary supplement company is in effect which means a surety bond is protecting against financial loss.

Meeting State Requirements

The injunction requirements mirror what other states mandate in their court proceedings. Plaintiffs have the right to seek an injunction as much as the defendant has the right to be guarded against wrongful action by an injunction Florida bond.
Do you have a question about an injunction Florida action and surety bond requirement for the state? The staff working right now at Jurisco can help secure an injunction Florida bond quickly. We have the trusted experience needed to handle any and all surety bond situations in Florida for injunctions.

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