Dealing With An Alabama Lien Bond

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Having a lien on property can be a headache. Worse than a headache, it’s a migraine. A lien essentially locks up property from being bought, sold, or even passed down from one generation to the next. An Alabama lien bond is a type of Alabama surety bond that covers the lien process. When you find yourself in a lien situation, the surety bond experts at Jurisco are here to help make sure you have the best Alabama lien bond possible.

What is a Lien Bond?

A lien bond is a type of Alabama surety bond that covers a lien on property. A lien bond can be used in two different ways. The first is used by the individual seeking to place a lien on property. The second type is used when a defendant wishes to transfer the lien. In both situations, a lien bond covers the value of the amount being disputed.

Picture of an Alabama driveway with flowers and treesOne of the most common reasons for a lien bond is unpaid wages from manual labor such as construction projects like remodeling a home. When a contractor doesn’t pay his or her employees, they in turn have a right to place a lien on the property where the work took place. A transfer of lien bond helps homeowners replace the lien with a surety bond so they no longer have a lien on their property.

Having a lien on property can be very costly. Not only can it cause tax implications, but it could also block the sale of property should the homeowners wish to sell or rent out.

Is a Lien Bond Always Required in Alabama?

A lien bond is not always required. For example, a court can issue an order waving the need for a lien bond. When contractors or other workers seek to put a lien on property for unpaid funds, the state of Alabama doesn’t want a lien to stand in their way. However, a transfer of lien bond where a homeowner is replacing the lien with a surety bond typically is always required.

A transfer of lien bond is a type of promise made to the state of Alabama that the unpaid dues will be covered and handled and that the bond isn’t a stall tactic to delay payment any further. The Alabama surety bond experts at Jurisco can work with you to ensure you have the right Alabama lien bond necessary.

How Much Does an Alabama Lien Bond Cost?

The cost of an Alabama lien bond is determined by the value of the lien itself. In the same example of the unpaid construction workers, the lien would cover the full value of the disputed wages, as well as any related court costs. A lien bond or transfer of lien bond that does not satisfy the state requirements can end up costing clients more. That’s why  it’s always important to work with a reputable surety bond provider like Jurisco.

Let the surety bond experts at Jurisco deliver you the best Alabama lien bond rate possible. Have questions about Alabama lien bonds or other types of state surety bonds? Contact Jurisco today for more information.

Taking Action With a Scottsdale Lien Bond

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Trying to handle a lien situation? Chances are the answer may be in a transfer of lien bond. A property lien is yet one more situation where surety bonds have been designed to bring resolution. A Scottsdale lien bond can remove a lien from a property quickly because it is trusted by Arizona courts.

What Does A Lien Do?

A lien is a legal action that essentially is the scarlet letter for property. When property has a lien it cannot be sold or inherited. The lien remains like a chain around the neck. Given the significance of a lien only a court can grant the action take place.

Who Can Use A Lien?

Typically a lien is taken out by a person or company who is owed a debt for service. A landlord who has unpaid bathroom repairs on one property could find other properties in jeopardy because of liens.

Sunset in Scottsdale, ArizonaContractors are among the most common plaintiffs seeking a lien. The battle over services and compensation has long been a delicate one. And the Scottsdale, Arizona courts eventually had to intervene to provide a solution to the problem.

Any party, builder or not, has the ability to seek a lien. Once it is approved by the court a lien goes into effect immediately.

How Can A Lien be Removed?

There are a couple of ways to remove a lien. The obvious “just pay the due amount” springs to mind, but that still will require the court recognizing the payment and removing the lien.  An appeal of the court’s decision could made which could take time depending on the caseload in Scottsdale.  

Arguably one of the fastest ways to remove a lien is to replace it with a transfer of lien bond. A Scottsdale lien bond is a common type of defendant bond. The transfer of lien bond is valued at double the cost of the lien showing the court that efforts are being made to protect against wrongful action. Even though the value of a Scottsdale lien bond is high the cost is minimal with only one percent paid upfront.

Using a lien bond in Scottsdale will provide relief and allow property to be untangled from contested invoices and payments. A Scottsdale lien bond is the course of action recommended by most for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Have more questions about lien bonds in Scottsdale? Contact an Arizona surety bond expert at Jurisco today.

Surety Bond Spotlight: Tacoma Lien Bond

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Mt. Rainer serves as a backdrop to the port at Tacoma, WashingtonEver try to sale a piece of property that has a lien? It’s a headache by design. A lien is a serious legal action that courts don’t grant or take lightly. A Tacoma lien bond is a type of surety bond with the power to satisfy a lien and allow progress to move forward instead of stand still.

How Is A Lien Used?

A lien is applied when a court rules that an owed-party has a right to assets as a result of non-payment. One common way property can have a lien is when a property owner does not pay a contractor. A plumber who is not paid for work can tie up a property with a lien even if the bill is in the hundreds.

To help encourage the property owner to satisfy the due amount a court will place a lien on the property (be it a house or a parking lot) as a type of collateral. The property owner always has the right to contest the lien.

Will A Tacoma Lien Bond Remove A Lien?

There are a few different ways to take care of a lien. A surety bond being the easiest among them. One option is to prove that the alleged due amount has already been paid. You could pay the full amount in cash. This option can become rather expensive especially if multiple liens are on a property (example: from a painter and plumber).

A Tacoma lien bond covers the alleged debt, court fees, and any other special circumstances. Using a Tacoma lien bond allows clients to satisfy the lien faster than any other option. With this surety bond the sale of a property could be finalized. Courts trust lien bonds because they offer the fullest protection for all parties.

Can A Court Deny A Tacoma Lien Bond?

While Tacoma courts rely on lien bonds there are situations where a bond can be denied. For example, failing to meet Washington lien bond requirements can result in a court denying a lien bond. This denial could result in costly delays.

To ensure that there are no problems with a lien bond Jurisco always makes sure every client receives the best bond for them. The lawyer-trained staff here understand the necessity of valuing the court’s time. Courts trust surety bonds from Jurisco because of our attention to detail.

Want more information on Tacoma lien bonds? Contact Jurisco and learn how a surety bond expert can help.


Release Of Mechanic’s Lien With A Surety Bond

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Whether or not it occurs at an individual or a business level, liens can cause a lot of trouble. One of the fastest ways to clear up lien disputes is to secure a release of mechanic’s lien surety bond.

Use a surety bond to release a mechanic's lien.

Use a surety bond to release a mechanic’s lien.

Allowing a lien to remain leads to legal fees, along with the possibility of seizure of property. Each state has a mechanic’s lien statute that outlines the do’s and do nots of a lien. A major ‘do not’ is to ignore the lien.

Transfer a Lien

A lien can be placed on property if a defendant is alleged to owe the plaintiff money. Courts in every state allow a lien as a way to secure the amount in question until the matter is resolved.

Liens may be used on places of businesses as well as private property. A common use of a mechanic’s lien is when a contractor, or the employee of the contractor, claims to have not received payment.  Until the lien is properly removed, there are legal bindings on the property, such as the restriction of sale.

The release of mechanic’s lien can happen in two ways: through immediate payment of the disputed funds or with a surety bond.

A release of mechanic’s lien is the more cost-effective approach out of the two. Especially if the owing party feels they don’t owe anything.

Surety Bond Rates

Jurisco has a team of surety bond experts that help clients lower their release of mechanic’s lien cost. As a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco knows all state regulations. This expertise always delivers low surety bond rates.

Working with a reputable company provides the guarantee of meeting all applicable federal and state lien guidelines.  This avoids additional legal costs resulting from filing the wrong bond or not meeting the time restrictions.

A release of mechanic’s lien application is available online. Filling out an application only takes a few minutes. In most cases, a release of mechanic’s lien bond is secured the same day the application is received.

Contact Jurisco with any questions about a  release of mechanic’s lien bond. They’ll help make the lien process easier.

Release Of Lien Bond Avoids Big Problems

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When a lien is placed on property it can cause big problems. A release of lien bond takes the place of the lien which can help you sidestep a bad experience.

Without a release of lien bond you run several risks including:

  • property being seized for payment
  • the fallout of having real property sold at auction
  • a difficult court experience over payment of the judgement

Courts Accept Surety Bonds For Liens

Release of lien bond

Avoid property being sold at auction with a release of lien bond.

Surety bonds have been accepted by courts in every state for a long time standing. A release of lien bond is a sign of good intention that the money judgement will be handled properly.

It is important to work with a surety bond company that understands your state requirements to ensure the bond meets all mandates.

Anytime a lien is used it is best to secure a release of lien bond as quickly as possible. And liens happen probably more than you may realize.

Liens Hold Up Business

Liens can be used by contractors who did not receive payment for work done on a home. A pest control company has the right to place a lien on apartment complexes that did not pay. Even the IRS can place a lien against a business if they do not pay their taxes.

Some liens affect only one individual, but others can impact businesses, their employees, and even those who use their services. For example, a ferry ship dealing with a lien issue is preventing transport from Maine to Nova Scotia.

Using a release of lien bond allows property and mechanics liens to be replaced so businesses and individuals can keep operating.

Let A Bond Help

Not using a surety bond opens up the property being liened to seizure and sale. If a lien is in play then it is time to take action with a release of lien bond right now.

The team at Jurisco know all release of lien regulations for every state. They are easy to contact and are very knowledgeable about surety bonds.

Let Jurisco take care of a mechanics lien with a surety bond. The release of lien bond protects your property and allows you the chance to handle the judgement your way.

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