Which Type of Michigan Surety Bond Do You Need?

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Determining which Michigan surety bond is right for you doesn’t have to be a headache. Surety bonds are used in a variety of situations throughout the state. From the big cities to the small towns, a Michigan surety bond is often the right solution. And Jurisco is here to help make sure you have the solution that’s right for you.

What Are the Types of Michigan Surety Bonds?

Michigan surety bonds are used in a variety of situations including legal cases and financial guardianship. The four main types of Michigan surety bonds are plaintiff bonds (i.e. garnishment bond, attachment bond), defendant bonds (i.e. appeal bonds, transfer of lien bond), probate and fiduciary bonds (i.e. administrator bond, curator bond), and license and permit bond (i.e. health club bond, mortgage broker bond).

You’ll find surety bonds in use throughout the state be it Kalamazoo, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Warren..and all the towns and streets that pull Michigan together. Surety bonds protect consumers from businesses, they cover court action, and they serve to offer protection to those who are vulnerable.

Why Does Michigan Require Surety Bonds?

The state of Michigan and its court system rely on surety bonds because of their legal simplicity and might of force. A surety bond offers a backstop to wrongful action be it from a person who is the guardian of a cousin, the trustee of a million dollar estate, or the owner of a health club. The state doesn’t want consumers or residents to become targets for unlawful behavior. The courts use a Michigan surety bond for the same reason. A Michigan surety bond is the perfect recourse.

Are There Penalties for Not Using a Surety Bond?

When a Michigan surety bond is required it is imperative that the requirement is met. There scenarios where the mandate is waived either by a judge or by a joint proposal from both the plaintiff and defendant. Failing to meet requirements could result in legal fees, and other costly setbacks. For example, if a travel agent isn’t properly bonded they may be forced to shut down until the proper bond is obtained and the decision is appealed. This delay could be even costlier than the court fees to deal with the decision.

Who Can Help With Michigan Surety Bond Advice?

The Michigan surety bond experts at Jurisco are well-versed in the mandates, operations of surety bonds. The lawyer-trained staff is ready to help clients better understand the process so they can receive the best experience possible. Securing a Michigan surety bond fast and at the lowest bond rate is one of Jurisco’s specialties.

Contact Jurisco today with your questions about Michigan surety bonds. Jurisco is here to help you get the most out of your Michigan surety bond experience.

What You Need to Know About A Detroit Injunction Bond

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A Detroit injunction bond is a required surety bond during an injunction process. When a court mandates a surety bond they are serious. A plaintiff wishing to a particular action from happening has to prove to the court they have grounds to do so. Detroit injunction bonds help serve that purpose.

What Is An Injunction?

Detroit injunction bonds are only used in injunction cases. An injunction is a type of judicial order that requires another party to do or to stop doing something. This could be stopping the sale of property or stopping visitations.

There are three types of injunctions possible including temporary injunctions, preliminary injunctions, and permanent injunctions. In each type, an injunction bond is required. This mandate applies to all of Michigan, not just Detroit.

Why Are Injunction Bonds Used?

View of Detroit taken from a high view point, perhaps a helicopter. The buildings of downtown are prominently shownCourts in Michigan, as elsewhere in the United States, use injunction bonds to protect the party on the receiving end of the injunction from wrongful doing. For instance, if a plaintiff seeks an injunction against someone to stop the sale of property, the defendant is at risk of a financial loss if the action is later deemed unlawful. The injunction surety bond covers the financial risk that comes with causing or stopping the action.

Surety bonds are used as a source of protection no matter which type of bond. A probate bond can protect a trust, a licensed broker bond can protect the public, and an injunction bond protects an individual.

Bond experts at Jurisco understand all the Detroit surety bond requirements. No matter what type of injunction a client is dealing with, Jurisco experts can handle the case.

How Long Does A Detroit Injunction Bond Last?

A Detroit injunction bond must last for as long as the injunction. There are scenarios where a judge can waive the bond completely or limit the time it must be valid. Once Jurisco receives the injunction bond application, bond writers get to work determining the necessary lifespan of the bond. Clients can contact Jurisco with any questions or concerns they have.

Don’t let a Detroit injunction bond be a headache. Work with Jurisco and let the bond professionals handle everything for a Detroit injunction bond. Jurisco will deliver the best bond at the lowest surety rate possible for Michigan.

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