Defendant’s Bonds

Supersedeas/ Appeal Bond

Required by statute for the appeal of a money judgment, surety bonds guarantee the judgment will be satisfied along with court costs. Surety bond cost varies by state but usually includes a provision for interest.

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Counter Replevin Bond

Defendants wishing to regain possession of levied property may use a surety bond to convince the court the property will be returned if the original replevin is upheld. This is required by the court to protect the interest of the plaintiff.

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Stay (Pending Appeal) Bond

A necessary step when a defendant wishes to stop the collection of a judgment before an appeal. Courts require surety bonds to guarantee the judgment will be paid along with any damages and to deter the defendant from making frivolous appeals.

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Transfer of Lien Bond

Defendants employ this type of surety bond when they want to release a lien on property and replace it with a bond. Most often used for mechanics lien on real property, automobiles or admiralty, this surety bond typically includes court costs and interest.

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Release of Lis Pendens Bond

A Release of Lis Pendens Bond is recourse for a defendant who wants to sell property and is faced with legal roadblocks from a plaintiff’s Lis Pendens. Courts require surety bonds to guarantee the plaintiff will be satisfied if the original Lis Pendens is upheld.

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