July 15, 2015
Purposes Of A Mortgage Broker Bond in California

Jumping into the real estate workforce continues to be an appealing idea for people at various spots of their careers. Not only is becoming a mortgage broker out of college a good move it is also attractive when switching careers, as well. People who generally enter this line of work have a knack for working […]

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April 15, 2013
Surety Bond Save Ohio Company Million Dollar

A surety bond save Ohio company million dollar($1.2) after a business it was working with declared bankruptcy. United Architectural Metals (UAM) was able to recover the $1.2 million owed by Trainor Glass Company because Trainor used a surety bond. By using a surety to protect the company‚Äôs assets, Trainor was able to properly settle their […]

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January 25, 2012
Mortgage Broker Bond in Texas

The Real Estate market has seen better days, but being a mortgage broker is still a high demand responsibility. A Texas mortgage broker works with the borrower/homeowner to negotiate a mortgage with the bank or mortgage lender. In order to work as a mortgage broker in Dallas, Houston or any other Texas city, the broker […]

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