September 4, 2015
Trustee Surety Bond In Oregon

When establishing a trust one of the issues that must be dealt with is a trustee surety bond. Having a surety bond in place is always recommended as a safeguard to ensure that the trust is handled appropriately and follows the wishes of the person/business setting up the trust in the first place. What Point […]

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July 23, 2015
Curator Bond In Oregon

One of the aims of the court in Oregon is to protect the vulnerable. When the situation arises that a minor needs to be looked after the court will step in to ensure things are handled properly. If an estate is involved they may go as far as to require a curator bond to protect […]

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June 26, 2015
Required Administrator Bond in Oregon

Oregon courts are going to require an administrator bond for the administrator of an estate. This type of surety bond establishes protection for the estate, heirs, and those who are owed any money. Without this type of probate bond there would be limited recourse for those wrongfully done by the administrator of the estate. Often […]

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