October 28, 2015
Stay Bond (Pending Appeal) In New York

Money judgments can be tough on the most resilient of beings and largest of businesses. When a defendant is required to pay out a large sum of money there may be the possibility of taking away the opportunity to appeal because of financial reasons. The courts in New York handle the issue through a stay […]

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July 31, 2015
Stay Bond In Nevada

Once a money judgement has been made against a defendant there are three possible moves to make: 1) accept the ruling and pay the judgement, 2) appeal the ruling and pay the judgement, or 3) appeal the ruling and stay the judgement using a Stay Bond until the appeal process is finished. Staying the judgement […]

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February 10, 2012
Types of Court Bonds in Florida

A Court Bonds in Florida may apply to the plaintiff or a defendant depending on the situation. Florida courts deem surety bonds necessary when the court proceedings could result in an unwarranted loss to either party. In Florida, Jurisco surety bond experts can help clients determine which type of court bond is applicable to their […]

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