Plaintiff’s Bonds

Garnishment Bond

A surety bond required by statute if the Plaintiff intends to garnish a Defendant’s wages, assets or bank account before a judgment is made. Plaintiff bonds will cover damages should the court rule in favor of the defendant.

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Attachment Bond

This surety bond protects the defendant by covering the full cost and damages associated with an attachment proceeding. Surety bond cost varies by state and typically include a provision for interest and court costs.

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Replevin Bond

Often referred to as a Sequestration or Claim and Delivery Bond, this is a surety bond required by statute if the plaintiff is seeking to levy property before a judgment.

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Cost Bond

A plaintiff bond that covers court costs when a party attempts to file action within a state without having residence. Not all states require this surety bond however, when they do it normally is under $2,000.

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Indemnity to Sheriff Bond

This bond is required to protect a law enforcement agency from damages when seizing property on behalf of a plaintiff.

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Injunction Bond

Protecting the defendant from being wrongfully enjoined, a surety bond covers any damages the defendant may sustain should the court rule the plaintiff’s suit is wrongful.

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Distress or Distraint Bond

When a plaintiff seeks to remove a commercial tenant, he or she must present to the court a Distress or Distraint Bond guaranteeing the defendant’s compensation should the court rule in favor of the defendant.

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Lis Pendens Bond

Plaintiffs may block the sale of property by using this type of surety bond as a guarantee to the court that the Lis Pendens is not filed in bad faith.

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Lost Instrument Bond

Surety bonds for a bank or lender to show a loss or destroyed financial instrument will not be redeemed. This can include cashier’s checks, stock certificates, mortgage notes and more.

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Bid Protest Bond

A surety bond most often filed with a government agency to review the validity of an accepted bid on a request for proposal as well as guarantee a bid protest is not wrongful or meant to delay work on the contract.

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