Probate Bonds & Fiduciary Bonds

Personal Representative/ Administrator/ Executor Bond

Personal Representative Bonds (also called Administrator or Executor bonds) are a type of surety bond required after an individual’s death to administer final expenses and distribute assets.

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Curator Bond

A type of surety bond required by the court to guarantee the estate’s assets will not be misused, stolen or wasted. The amount varies from county to county depending on the value of the estate.

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Guardianship Bond/ Conservatorship Bond

This surety bond protects a person deemed incapacitated by the court to ensure the guardian does not abuse or neglect the ward financially or physically.

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Receiver/ Assignee Bond

The court requires this surety bond for corporations that declared bankruptcy to avoid any mishandling of any rents or payments made to the defunct company. The surety bond costs vary by jurisdiction and dependant on the value of the company’s receivables.

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Custodian of Veteran Bond

Similar to guardianship bonds, this surety bond is filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs after a veteran of a branch of the military, who has invested money with the VA, is deemed incapacitated. Surety bonds protect the veteran’s assets from being misused.

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Trustee Bond

This surety bond is required either by the trust document itself or the court whose jurisdiction the trust is under. Surety bonds protect the trust from any losses sustained should the trustee not depose their duties as required.

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