3 Surety Bond Problems to Avoid in 2023

Make the Year Merry and Bright With these Surety Bond Tips

Working to avoid problems isn’t as much a New Year’s resolution, as it is a hope for all daily life. We all want our experiences to be positive, painless, and effective. While there is a spectrum for each of those traits, the basic principle is: if we can make life easier for ourselves, why wouldn’t we? Wanting to avoid problems with surety bonds is no different. 

Today we decided to skip our typical dive into a type of surety bond. Instead, we will address the problems we see our clients face before choosing to work with Jurisco. 

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Problem Number 1: Failure to Meet Surety Bond Requirements and Deadlines

One of the top issues that trip people up when looking for a surety bond is realizing that there is not a one-size fits all solution available. Surety bonds are used across the United States but each state includes its own special requirements and circumstances. 

Assuming that any surety bond will do is not going to work. It is vital to distinguish between the surety bond you need and those that do not apply to you whatsoever. This not only saves time and money but also embarrassment. Could you imagine showing up to a court hearing with the wrong surety bond in hand? How do you hold favor with the Judge after that?

Take surety bonds seriously. While they may seem like a mere formality, surety bonds play an important role for both States and Judicial Systems (both of those parties hold tight to requirements and deadlines). This means it is not a good idea to take surety bonds lightly.

Problem Number 2: Being Penalized for Bad Credit

When it comes to the cost of a surety bond, bad credit can play a big role. It is not impossible to get a surety bond with bad credit. Several companies will sign you up immediately saying that everything is okay, but then double or triple the percentage needed to secure the surety bond. Bad credit shouldn’t be what holds people back.

Choosing to work with a surety bond company that looks at more than just credit score when reviewing a surety bond application is going to help you avoid a lot of problems – not just being penalized for bad credit. There are things you can do to make sure bad credit does not affect the surety bond rate

Problem Number 3: Trusting the Wrong Surety Bond Company

The biggest problem people can find themselves in is trusting the wrong surety bond company. As mentioned above, some surety bond providers claim to treat their clients well but then add on increased charges that don’t show up until the total is due. Jurisco does not operate this way.

The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco are the friendly surety bond experts. Even if a person ultimately chooses to go elsewhere – it’s never happened before but we’ve been told tales of possibilities – they will receive accurate, helpful, and professional service. 

Take the time to reach out to a surety bond expert today to learn more. Jurisco employs surety bond experts for every state, yours included. Let us help you avoid surety bond problems by providing you with the best surety bond service possible. 

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