Jurisco specializes in lawyer’s surety bond services to clients across the nation. Founded in 1987, Jurisco was created by lawyers who were frustrated over the void of fast, professional delivery and service. Insurance agents can lack the urgency to detail required when dealing with surety court bonds. Our team of experts specializes only in civil court surety bonds and our lawyer-trained staff is ready to assist you now.

While our offices are located in Florida, civil court surety bonds from Jurisco are available in every state. In most cases, we can deliver next day services. In addition to serving our clients, we are a member of many Bar organizations and actively support local Bar activities along with pro bono programs.

Applications and FAQs about the civil court surety bonds we offer can be found on this website. Our specially designed application forms and rates can be found on their respective bonding pages or you can use Quick Find. Any questions you have can be answered by one of our experts. Here are some key contacts for surety bond information:


N. Alex Hanley
Email : [email protected]
Handles all Probate and Fiduciary Bonds, including Estates, Guardianships, Trustees. Further coordinates the Marketing, PR, Advertising and Sponsorship duties of Jurisco, Inc. Please contact Alex for any Probate and Fiduciary or Marketing related questions/concerns.
April Reagan
Senior Underwriter
Email : [email protected]
April handles all Civil Court Bonds such as Injunction/TRO, Replevin, Attachment, Garnishment, Supersedeas/Appeal, Transfer of Lien, etc. She also underwrites the License and Permit Bonds such as Health Club, Professional Guardian, etc. Please contact April for any questions you may have concerning Civil Court Bonds and License and Permit Bonds.
William R. Hanley, Jr.
Vice President
Email : [email protected]
Will is the Sales Director for the Western United States. Please contact Will for any questions relating to Jurisco and our product offerings.
Carly Sheffield
Email : [email protected]
Carly is the bookkeeper and reporter for Jurisco, Inc. Please contact Carly for any billing related questions.
Mandi Sheffield
Office Administrator
Email : [email protected]
Mandi handles all administrative and filing duties for the office. Please contact Mandi for discharges, increases or any other client related inquiries.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

The Jurisco lawyer-trained staff are here to help you today.