The state seal of AlabamaThe Alabama auctioneer license bond is required in order for an individual or auction house to become fully licensed in the state.  Every auctioneer applicant must post an auctioneer bond valued at $10,000. The state regulates this type of license surety bond in order to prevent misuse of funds and to protect its residents. Jurisco works with clients throughout Alabama including Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Auburn, and Tuscaloosa.

Why Is An Alabama Auctioneer License Bond Required?

Bankruptcy or putting up items for auction can be a difficult time for the majority of individuals and/or companies who are faced with that decision. This can create a vulnerable situation where the wrongful actions by an auctioneer could have real-life negative consequences. The Alabama auctioneer license bond provides recourse and protection from wrongful actions on behalf of the auctioneer.

Alabama legislature has mandated auctioneer bonds for any person wishing to operate as an auctioneer. The Alabama auctioneer bond is written in compliance with the state’s Auctioneers License Act No. 811-1973. This license bond is posted at a $10,000 value.

How Much Does An Auctioneer Bond in Alabama Cost?

The Alabama auctioneer license bond cost varies based on bond value. The state requirements set a baseline of at least $10,000 in coverage. However, local jurisdictions could impose a higher amount. Surety bond experts at Jurisco works with clients in Alabama to provide the right auctioneer bond at the lowest cost.

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