Alabama License Bond For Your Business

Did you know that an Alabama license bond may be required for your business? Failing to comply with state statute could result in fines, penalties, or even loss of your business. When it comes to surety bonds it’s always better to comply than to try and stay off the state’s radar.

Surety Bonds in the State of Alabama

An Alabama license bond isn’t the only type of surety bond in the state. Alabama relies on surety bonds across a genre of practices. Among the most common types of surety bonds are appeal bonds, garnishment bonds, bid protest bond, and distress bond.

Court bonds are among the most well known but surety bonds truly do touch every corner of the state. They provide a strong legal backdrop for a range of actions and services. Plus they are financially accessible and can be obtained with same-day service the majority of the time.

Alabama License Bond

There are different types of Alabama license bonds including seller of travel, title agency, mortgage broker, and sales finance bond used by licensed brokers. This category of bonds is often referred to as “license and permit bonds.”

These license bonds are not suggestions but mandates made by the state to proposed businesses. It’s how the state can protect residents against a misuse of their money and their trust.

Low Cost of Alabama License Bond

One of the best parts of using an Alabama license bond is the low cost. It’s more costly to pay the one time fee of the surety bond than it is to fight legal action taken against a company by the state. Dealing with fines, fees, and legal costs can put a damper on most business budgets.

Jurisco works with our Alabama clients to make sure they have the license bond they require. The lawyer-trained staff is always willing to work as hard as it takes to deliver the lowest surety bond rate possible for every client in Alabama if they are in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile or any other small or large city in the state.

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