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Appeal Bond Defendants Bond California​An interesting and in-depth article written by California Appellate Law Expert and Super Lawyer, John Derrick, titled "The Civil Appeals Process", got me thinking about the role of defendant's bonds in today's court system. (see John's full article: here) Specifically, the article got me thinking how defendant's bonds (i.e. appeal bonds or stay bonds) are a vital and often little understood part of California's legal universe.

In most instances obtaining a defendant bond is statutorily mandated by courts during an appeal proceeding in a civil court. Called either an appeal bond or supersedeas bond, these legal mechanisms are required by statute for the appeal of a money judgment. These surety bonds guarantee the judgment will be satisfied along with court costs. Surety bond cost varies by state but usually includes a provision for interest.

Appeal Bonds are widely used but not the only available option for a defendant. There are several other defendant bonds offered by Jurisco. Keep checking in to this blog explanations of the defendants bonds listed below:

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