Appeal Bonds in Washington

Appeal Bonds in WashingtonWhen a defendant is faced with a money judgement one of the first things may try to do is stay the judgement while their appeal process goes through. In order for a court to stay the judgment, the defendant has to show the court good faith that the plaintiff will not suffer any unnecessary hardship. An appeal bond is that sign of faith.

Judges in Washington require a defendant to post an appeal bond that financially covers the judgement, court fees, and any interest which is due. The amounts fluctuate based on state statute and judgement award. Before the appeal process can officially start the courts will want to make sure the defendant has posted the bond.

Why is Necessary An Appeal Bonds in Washington?

An appeal bonds in Washington is necessary because the court must be assured that the defendant will pay the money judgement regardless of the appeal outcome. Without the bond the defendant could simply drag out the proceedings trying to delay payment. With a supersedeas bond, however, the defendant is proving to the court that they have every intention to pay the judgement should their appeal be denied.

In some situations an appeal bond can be waived by a judge in Washington. This can only come about if the plaintiff and defendant agree to the terms. Without both parties in agreement the bond will have to take place as required.

How Much Will A Surety Bond Cost in Washington?

The amount of a surety bond like a supersedeas (appeal) bond is going to fluctuate depending on the judgement awarded, state fees, and any applicable interest. Typically, the judge will set the bond amount to cover the full judgement. However, there are situations where an appeal bond amount can be decreased but again it needs the agreement of the plaintiff since the bond is for the plaintiff’s benefit.

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