Arkansas surety bond requirements aren’t as well-known as say the Razorbacks schedule and that’s alright. There a lot of Arkansas mandates based on state legislation while local ordinances such as Little Rock, Fort Smith and Fayetteville can create mandates, too. Working with a surety bond expert at Jurisco is the best way to handle securing a surety bond in Arkansas. The bond professionals meet the requirements and the clients are well covered.

Why does Arkansas require surety bonds?

Image of a monument and state capitol building in Little Rock, ArkansasArkansas is not the only state to require surety bonds. Bonds are used across the United States as a way to extend protection. For example, a defendant seeking to appeal a money judgement is required to post an appeal bond to prevent a delay in justice for the defendant. A person wishing to garnish wages must present a garnishment bond to protect a person from unlawful garnishment.

There are four types of surety bonds in Arkansas. Whether clients are in Springdale, Jonesboro or any other corner of Arkansas, surety bonds are regularly used. Not only do judges rely on bonds, businesses do, too. A realtor is bonded, as is the mechanic.

Which bond is best?

There is no one-size fits all surety bond. The best bond is the Arkansas surety bond that fulfills your requirements. Bonding professionals at Jurisco are ready to learn more about your needs so they can determine which bond is truly best for you.

A surety bond should be a source of relief, not frustration. Jurisco delivers the right bond meeting all the mandates and being cost feasible.

Can a bond requirement be waived?

There are scenarios where an Arkansas surety bond requirement can be waived. However, it is not wise to assume this will happen. A bond mandate should always be met unless clear instruction from a judge says otherwise.

In the case of court bonds, a plaintiff could ask for a bond mandate to be waived. The judge may seek the input of the defendant or rule on their own judgement. When a bond is waived, the risk remains. A plaintiff leaves themselves vulnerable to a financial loss or worse when they don’t take advantage of the protection an Arkansas surety bond provides.

How much does a Arkansas surety bond cost?

Using a surety bond is a money saver. Having to cover the garnishment of wages with cash could make the garnishment impossible. A bond only requires a fraction of the cost and offers full protection. Jurisco surety bond experts work with clients in every Arkansas town to keep bond rates low and surety affordable.

Worried about bad credit impacting a bond rate? Jurisco has that covered, too. Being a nationwide provider allows Jurisco to offer the lowest Arkansas surety bond rates.

Is a bond expert available for questions?

Part of making the bond process simple and easy means being available for questions. Jurisco has a team of lawyer-trained bond experts who take the time with clients to answer questions and cover all the options.

Have a question about surety bonds in Arkansas? Contact Jurisco today and receive real answers to your bond problems.

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