How to get an Attachment Bond in California​

Attachment Bond in California​A Attachment Bond in California​ is required for plaintiff’s seeking to attachment personal property before a judgment is made. The surety bond covers damages and the full cost of the attachment to protect the defendant from a financial loss. Requirements for bonding vary by California district; meaning Los Angeles may impose a higher bond amount than a court in San Francisco or vice versa.

The attachment bond is a financial fail safe if the attachment is deemed wrongful. An attachment bond will be necessary only if the plaintiff wants the action to occur before a judgment is ruled or if the defendant’s assets are in another entity’s name. Should the action be deemed wrongful the plaintiff is legally liable for any damages the action caused.

An attachment may be deemed wrongful for a variety of reasons. One example is if the attachment is for property outside of California. A Attachment Bond in California​ can only cover property in California. Attachments may also not be used on property that is necessary for the defendant’s support or be used to garnish wages. A client wishing to garnish wages would need to learn about garnishment bonds.

Working with a credible surety bond company will help you avoid using the wrong bond. Contact Jurisco to learn more about Attachment Bond in California​ or visit our attachment bond application page.

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