Need A California Auctioneer License Bond?

Jurisco Offers Low California Surety Bond Rates

A California auctioneer license bond is required for any business operating an auctioneer service. Failure to secure this type of surety bond may result in fines and legal action. 

Jurisco helps auctioneers in California be properly bonded and protected as they operate their business. If at any point you have questions about this or any other type of surety bond, contact the team at Jurisco to get your answers fast.

California Surety Bond

So what’s with needing a bond? Surety bonds are a regular practice in California as they are in other states.

The state routinely requires businesses to be bonded. In addition to business surety bonds, California also uses civil court bonds for plaintiffs and defendants. 

The job of the surety bond is to provide some level of protection for whichever scenario is in question. For example, the state requires an administrator bond for those overseeing distribution of an estate after a death.

A California auctioneer license bond is one way the state protects the public against illegal behavior including false advertising, misrepresentation, and auctioneer fraud. This type of surety bond may be used should any customer file a claim against a California auctioneer.

Surety Bond Rates

The surety bond process has to be fast and it has to come at a low cost. That’s what Jurisco believes anyway.  Jurisco offers low California surety bond rates on all probate, fiduciary, defendant, plaintiff, and license and permit bonds. 

A California auctioneer license bond must be set for at least a 24-month period at a value of $20,000. Amounts may vary by jurisdiction. Typically these bonds are secured with a minimum of $100. 

Work With A Surety Bond Expert

The world moves fast and it’s only getting faster. That’s why Jurisco moves quickly, too. Clients need surety bonds fast and the experts at Jurisco are ready to help. This type of auctioneer license bond can typically be secured with same day or next day service at Jurisco. Contact Jurisco today to learn more.

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