Cash Surety Bond Decision

The decision between posting cash or a surety bond isn’t as hard as one may think. It may seem simpler to put up cash instead of a surety bond, but in the majority of cases a bond is the better way to go when handling a cash surety bond decision.

Cash or a surety bond?

Cash or a surety bond?

Cash Is Hard To Collect

A surety bond means you do not have to come up with large sums of cash on short term notice and can instead only pay a small percentage which usually varies between 1 and 10 percent. When the court request cash and a surety bond the bond is always easier even when people are considered financially well off.

Look at the case of former Brazilian soccer federation president Jose Marin who is facing multiple corruption charges and the difficulty of securing a cash surety bond.

Marin was supposed to post a one million cash bond before the end of the year but is having to petition the court for more time to raise the money. In comparison, he was able to post his surety bond requirements in a matter of days.

Surety Bond Is Faster

It is easier and faster to come up with one percent of a million dollars for a surety bond than it is to come up with the complete sum. That’s why when it comes to deciding between posting cash or a bond it literally pays to choose the surety option.

Instead of collecting cash together, let a surety bond cover all the court cost and fees. Bonds can be used for licenses, court matters, or other personal and business items.

You can review the Jurisco cash surety bond page to learn more about the type of bonding available and how easy it is to apply.

No matter the reason for a cash surety bond the valuable team at Jurisco can help you fulfill all your requirements quickly without you having to shell out a lot of cash.

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