How to Choose Best Surety Bond Company

Choose Best Surety Bond CompanyChoose Best Surety Bond Company isn’t a decision taken lightly. As a nationwide surety bond provider, Jurisco knows firsthand that it doesn’t matter which state you are in, people want a qualified bonding company. Courts from California to Georgia, and all the states in between, require surety bonds to protect defendants, plaintiffs and even beneficiaries from a financial loss. Bonds including a supersedeas bond, garnishment bond, and guardianship bonds are mandatory and differ state to state. With the right help, clients can avoid high-risk bonds and high prices.

How to Choose Best Surety Bond Company, consider the following:

  • Expertise and background
  • Speed of service
  • Surety bond rates

A simple Google search can reveal 100s of companies claiming to be the best and most reliable. With the right keywords, any business may appear credible, so it’s important to know the company’s background. How long have they worked in the surety bond business? Do they specialize in court bonds? Can they tell you how license and permit bonds are different in Texas and Illinois? Understanding their level of expertise will help you gauge your confidence in whether or not the surety bond company can handle your needs.

The level of service you receive should always be a deciding factor. Not only is professional service important, it should be mandatory. Will an automated machine answer your questions or a real person? How quickly will you receive feedback once you fill out a court bond application? Does the company have a headquarters or do they operate strictly online? At Jurisco, our bonding experts are trained by lawyers to deliver the best level of service possible. We don’t recommend our clients accepting anything less.

Surety bond rates are always a factor when reviewing a surety bonding company. Bond rates are determined by a variety of criteria. Be sure to find a surety bond company that considers all the factors instead of making a baseline price that will have you paying more in the end. People with low credit scores want a company that will minimize the risk of bad credit, as this can cause an increase in court bond cost. The bond writer should clearly explain the bond rights and responsibilities as well as all cost associated with each bond.

If you have a question about a particular surety bond company, and how they differ from Jurisco, feel free to contact us. We always encourage questions about our expertise in court bonds and how we help clients in every state.

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