Claim and Delivery Bond Washington

Claim and Delivery Bond WashingtonThe Toyota Prius has one of the best resell values of any car on the market in Washington. Individuals can easily put their car up for sale on internet listings, such as craigslist, and find a buyer in a day. The vehicle market mixed with the economic booster, which is the internet, turns every car owner into a potential car salesperson. It can also turn people into plaintiffs requiring a claim and delivery bond Washington.

One of the things craigslist and other car auction websites warn sellers of is fraudulent payment. Bounced checks, false money orders and contracts guaranteeing future payments can all cause problems for a person who was simply trying to sell their car. Getting cash up front is not a guarantee either as counterfeit bills can have microscopic flaws. When payment falls short the Washington courts allows the person to retrieve their property back from the person to which it was sold. Before a vehicle can be repossessed, however, the courts require a surety bond.

A claim and delivery bond is court mandated to protect the defendant (i.e. the person the plaintiff claims did not fulfill their payment obligations) from suffering an unnecessary financial loss. After all, Washington’s court system is based on innocence before proven guilty, so the courts work to protect all parties in the case. Claim and delivery bonds may also be referred to as replevin bond or a sequestration bond in Washington.

Depending on the court’s decision, a claim and delivery bond may not allow the plaintiff to reclaim the property. Instead, the property would be held by a legal entity in Washington, such as the local sheriff’s department. The claim and delivery bond covers the value of the property involved in the dispute and ensures the court the property will be returned if required.

The judge presiding over the case will set the final bond amount, but it will most likely cover the full value of the vehicle and any court cost associated with the action. A Jurisco bonding expert can explain surety bond costs further. A claim and delivery bond application may be filled out online via our bond application page. You may also contact our office today and we will gladly fax you over an application. When the car business doesn’t go your way, there’s still a chance to make it right. Jurisco guarantees our surety bonds to protect you against other financial losses.

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