Court Bond Amounts in Georgia

Court Bond Amounts in Georgia“How much does a court bond cost?” is always one of the first questions we hear at Jurisco. Discussed in several blogs, and throughout the website, we know our clients want to know all the surety bond facts, definition, uses, state guidelines, and price. Today, we will go a little more in depth about court bond amounts in Georgia for those needing bonding in the Peach State. (Of course, a Jurisco surety-bonding expert can provide more information about estimated costs and fees in other states).

Surety bond cost varies depending on the type of court bond required for the defendant and plaintiff. In Georgia, bond amounts are determined by the courts, with the presiding judge having the final say on how much a surety bond will cost. On average, court bonds carry standard risk with prices between 1% and 2% of the bond amount.

The type of court bond plays a big role as well. For instance, the amount of the money judgment will affect the cost of an appeal bond. How much was the money judgment worth? Is this against a giant pharmaceutical company or between two individuals? Since the judgment amount is always fluctuating, it is hard to have a baseline price court bonds.

Believe it or not, the location of the presiding court could also cause the court bond amount to increase. Cases heard in Atlanta, for example, are typically larger cases than heard in Columbus, GA. There may be additional court fees as well given the size of the city.

A surety bond calculator helps compare all these factors to figure the court bond amount for each client. Unlike other surety bond companies, Jurisco understands that each case is unique. While there may be similarities in bond uses, we can always save our clients money by knowing the details. We know our clients would rather stay near the 1% range if they could rather than the 2% mark. To find out how much your Court Bond Amounts in Georgia, contact Jurisco today.

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