Court Bond Spotlight: Maine Supersedeas Bond

A Maine supersedeas bond is a type of court bond used by the defendant. When the defendant wishes to appeal a judgement, they may be required to post a supersedeas bond to prove they are not trying to wrongfully delay satisfying the court ruling. As one may imagine, the court must always maintain it’s respect and authority if it is in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, Auburn, Augusta, or any other corner of Maine.

Using a Supersedeas Bond

A Maine supersedeas bond, also known as an appeal bond, covers the deed’s of the defendant. This bond also covers the plaintiff since the judgement they won is being delayed. Typically the court allows a small window to obtain a surety bond and present it to the court. Failure to meet the court’s deadlines doesn’t tend to help defendants.

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Court Mandates for Surety Bonds

There are other types of court bonds other than a Maine supersedeas bond including a transfer of lien bond, a replevin bond, an injunction bond, and a release of lis pendens bonds. Both a defendant and plaintiff can use a surety bond depending on the situation.

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Limiting Expense of Maine Supersedeas bond

Among the perks of a Maine supersedeas bond is the cost savings. Instead of having to pay large lump sums, a surety bond only requires a small fraction of the cost. This means people can get a full range of coverage without having to take out a second mortgage or go into debt.

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Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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