Court Bonds in Alabama

Court Bonds in AlabamaThe plaintiff and defendant may require a court bonds in Alabama. To keep the surety bond process simple, it’s important to know which type of bond is required and the best time to use a bond. Discussing the court case with a surety bonding expert will help best determine which type of court bonds are required. You may also find some helpful information on our bonding page.

There are different types of court bonds in Alabama including plaintiff and fidelity bonds. Alabama state law mandates certain surety bonds including garnishment bonds and indemnity to sheriff bonds, while leaving the option to wave others. Clients may need to use a bond at the beginning of a court case (pre-judgment) while others are necessary only after a judgment. For example, a defendant wanting to release a lien on property and replace it with a bond uses a transfer of lien bond. A plaintiff wishing to appeal the decision but not pay a money judgment would need a stay (pending appeal) bond.

Costs of Alabama court bonds vary depending on the type of bond. An indemnity to sheriff bonds would cover the cost of the property seized by the sheriff’s department. An administrator bond covers the value of the estate. At Jurisco, we work with our clients to write the correct bond at the best price even when bad credit issues arise.

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