Custodian of Veteran Bond in Texas

Custodian of Veteran Bond in TexasCustodian of Veteran bond in Texas work similarly to guardianship bonds in that they oversee the assets of another person. However, the two cannot be interchangeable as the custodian of veteran bond deals solely with veterans of the United States armed forces. While guardianship bonds go through Texas probate court, parties overseeing a veteran’s estate are channeled through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Today we will talk about why a custodian of veteran bond in texas required, its associated cost and how to fill out an online application.

Does the VA require a custodian of veteran bond?

Veterans Affairs may require a custodian of veterans bond, but a Texas court may also step in to enforce the measure. The surety bond is necessary to fully protect the assets of the veteran whose estate is being watched after. You can find a complete list of Texas locations for Veterans Affairs online.

Why would a veteran need a custodian for her/his estate?

The naming of a custodian only occurs when a veteran is deemed incapacitated. Usually a veteran is considered incapacitated due to mental illness, a physical illness, disability, chronic drug use or advanced age.

What are the responsibilities of custodian?

The person named custodian must properly handle all funds received for disability, time of service, etc. He or she is responsible for ensuring the funds are not misspent and that the veteran is taken care of.

How much does a custodian of veteran bond cost?

The cost of all surety bonds depend on various factors including the wealth of an estate, the credit history of the custodian and special state requirements for the bond. A surety bond expert at Jurisco can discuss your particular requirements to give you an idea of the amount.

Can I fill out a bond application online?

Yes, Jurisco makes it easy to fill out a custodian of veteran bond application online. Should this not be the best method for you, our office can fax over a surety bond application today.

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