Custodian of Veteran Fiduciary Bond

060129-N-4776G-388Many people understand the value that Veterans have provided their country, however, it often takes a national holiday or tragedy to put that value in focus. Even when the men and women who have served America are not on the top of the news they always deserve care and respect. One of the ways the court system protects veterans is by mandating surety bonds when a third party oversees their money and property.

Surety Bond Protection

A Custodian of Veteran Bond is a type of surety bond that is meant to protect the veterans who so bravely protect their fellow citizens. Anyone who serves in the Army, Marines, Navy or other armed forces has the opportunity to invest their money with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A custodian of veteran bond protects this money and the veteran in the event that he or she becomes incapacitated and require a guardian to handle their assets.

When a member of the armed services require a guardian the guardian must post a custodian of veteran bond before taking over control of the veteran’s assets. With this bond in place the veteran is protected against any misuse or mishandling by the guardian. This surety bond protects veterans when they are vulnerable so they and their families do not have to suffer any hardships caused from bad actions on part of the guardian.

In many cases a veteran can prepare for the time when they may require a guardian and ask a family member or associate to assume the role should the need arise. This option is not always available unfortunately as life proves time and time again that anything can happen at any time. In this event the VA or family of the veteran can assign a guardian.

Works On Veteran’s Behalf

Because the Department of VA Fiduciary Program requires that a custodian of veteran fiduciary bond be posted, the family of the veteran has full recourse and financial protection against a mishandling of funds. They still are allowed to take the guardian to court over their actions, but the bond gives them financial relief when they need it without having to wait for the courts to make a final ruling.

It is important that our veterans are taken care of as they have taken care of their country. Any veteran or their family member or associates can learn about a custodian of veteran bond from Jurisco. The trained staff understand the requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs and work diligently to provide a surety bond that gives veterans the utmost protection.

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