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While working with a reputable, and knowledgeable surety bond company is amazing, clients also want a low Jacksonville surety bond rate. It’s called having the best of both worlds and it’s entirely possible. At Jurisco the lawyer-trained staff are Florida surety bond experts who know all the ins and outs of Jackson surety bonds.

There are three main categories for surety bonds. First there are probate and fiduciary bonds which cover things like overseeing a trust. Then there are permit and license bonds that the state of Florida and city of Jacksonville require of business activities. Finally there are court bonds that either fall into the defendant or plaintiff category.

Probate and Fiduciary Bond Requirements

Among the most common types of Jackson, Florida probate and fiduciary bonds are guardianship bonds, administrator bonds, and receiver bond.

A guardianship bond is required for the person or entity serving as a guardian. This protects the individual under guardianship from being financially taken advantage of.

Administrator bonds are also referred to as executor bonds or personal representative bonds. This type of Jacksonville surety bond is used when a person dies and their will is read and executed.

Receiver bonds involve bankruptcy cases. When a large company files for bankruptcy, for example, they are required to provide the court with a plan of how to handle owed payments and the restructuring or destruction of the company.

Permit and License Bond Requirements

Permit and license bond requirements stick to the business side of things. The most common Jacksonville licenses and permit bonds include seller of travel, mortgage broker, and health club bond.

Seller of travel bonds are required for any person accepting payments to coordinate travel (especially air travel), hotels, rentals, etc.

A mortgage broker must be properly bonded since they are the link between buyer and seller. This is why it’s important to make sure mortgage companies are properly bonded and insured.

A health care bond is for gyms who accept payments months in advance. For instance, if a gym goes out of business in March and people have already paid for the duration of the year they are owed restitution.

Court Bond Requirements

For the court bonds, a Jacksonville surety bond can be divided between plaintiff and defendant bonds. Among the most commonly used court bonds are appeal bonds, garnishment bond, distress bond, injunction bond, and transfer of lien bond.

Lowest Jacksonville Surety Bond Rate Possible

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