Distress Bond In California

distress bond californiaCommercial property can be a good investment, but it is not without its problems. One of the biggest challenges facing commercial property owners who are landlords is the inevitable eviction of a tenant.

There can be several reasons for the eviction ranging from changes in the market to people not paying for months on end. When a landlord has to evict the renters of commercial property they make sure to use a distress bond to prove that the eviction is being done with just cause and protection.

Distress Bond Protection

Employing a surety bond such as a distress or distraint bond is an error proof way to handle the eviction process of a commercial tenant. The distress bond in California covers the landlord financially to show the courts that the move was not done without first protecting the tenant against a wrongful eviction. The bond will cover the landlord should the court rule in the tenant’s favor.

Being a landlord is tough no matter which region of California the property is located in. Whether having to deal with the constant demand in Silicon Valley to having to adapt to new property laws in San Francisco it is always best to cover all the bases. Using a distress bond not only protects the tenant but also the landlord from further financial hardship.

It seems almost every eviction makes the news because of the economic trend that has more business going out instead of opening. Landlords who use a distress bond are creating an easier road to travel.

A Bond Process Made Quick And Easy

Jurisco can help any landlord with a distress bond without delays to help make the eviction process as seamless as possible. Any landlord who is dealing with a delicate situation knows that setting the dominios up neatly will help everything fall into place. Contact Jurisco today about why it may be necessary to have a distress bond in California when dealing with commercial property.  

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