Distress or Distraint Bond in California

Distress or Distraint Bond in CaliforniaThe ripple effects of the Great Recession remain with high rates of unemployment, foreclosures and businesses closing in California. When businesses decline, their bills start going unpaid. One of those bills left unpaid may be the rent on commercial property. Like tenants in an apartment complex, the proprietor can evict a business for unpaid rents. However, before a company can be evicted from their place of business, the property owner (or plaintiff operating on their behalf) needs a distress or distraint bond.

Eviction isn’t the first step in recovering unpaid rents. Landlords have right to payments, but their tenants have the right to avoid unlawful evictions. California courts require a distress or distraint bond before an eviction takes place to protect the tenant. Without this surety bond, the tenant, in this case a business might face an unnecessary loss. A distress or distraint bond in california may also be referred to as a distress for rent bond.

The cost of a distress or distraint bond is determined by the distraint (how much rent is owed, unpaid). Distress bond amounts are typically twice the amount of the distress. To find out how much a distress bond cost in California, a Jurisco surety bond expert can review your case.

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