Five Things Should Know About Surety Bond Companies

Five Things Should Know About Surety Bond CompaniesJURISCO only deals with civil court bonds leaving some bonds uncovered. When our clients need bonding service we cannot provide, we want to make sure they know what to look for in their supplemental bonding company. Here are five things should know about surety bond companies.

What’s their reputation?

Before trusting a company to handle your surety bond needs outside of civil court bonds, learn about their reputation. Do they have customer testimonials? Can you find information about them on other websites? How long have they been in
business? What is their business ranking?

Do they have a specialty?

Surety bonding companies can offer a wide range of services or specialize in one area. At JURISCO we specialize in civil court bonds including appeal bond, replevin bond and administrator bond. While other companies may offer this in their wide range of services their knowledge base may not be the same. When you need a surety bond for any bond outside of probate or civil court we would recommend finding a company that specializes in your needs.

Is there a clear line of communication?

If you cannot communicate with the surety bond company then you may be better off finding another source. Communication means more than an easy to use website and a person on the telephone. Your bonding company should be able to tell you what’s going on and answer any questions you have in a timely manner.

How long does the bonding process take?

Applying for and being approved for a surety bond should not be a drawn out process. Find out before you apply how long the bonding process will take. Again this goes back to knowing the surety bonding company’s reputation. Do they help clients or cause them delays?

Have they operated in your state before?

As we have pointed out in the past, state mandates and agency regulations are different throughout the United States. Finding a bonding company that is knowledgeable to what your state requires is helpful in the surety bonding process.

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