Airline Reporting Commission In Florida

airline reporting bondWhether you are watching television or streaming a show on Hulu there is bound to be a commercial about taking a vacation. This time of year people look into Holiday travel plans as well as thinking of giving the gift of a trip of a lifetime. When researching ideas and travel agents make sure the agent you work with is covered with a surety bond.

Surety Bond Requirements

Every travel agent operating in Florida is required to a have a Florida seller of travel surety bond or an airline reporting commission. This surety bond is required for any travel agent who sells airline tickets to ensure they are in compliance with Florida statute as well as the Federal Aviation Administration.

The reason the state of Florida is concerned with travel agents is that it is a solid effort to protect the consumer. When people are using the services of a travel agent they don’t want to arrive at the airport and have nowhere to go. A surety bond gives both the travel agent and consumer recourse should the need present itself.

Jurisco Can Help

Working with a travel agent who isn’t bonded can open the door to trouble. Working as a travel agent who isn’t bonded will certainly lead to trouble. The trained professionals at Jurisco helps travel agents secure the necessary surety bond in their state including Florida’s seller of travel bond. Contact us today for more information.

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