Florida Writ Of Possession Surety Bond

A Florida writ of possession is a common court action that allows the plaintiff to levy the property of the defendant. It is important to understand what Florida judges are looking for when contemplating the decision to accept a bond. Working with a surety bond expert who understands the Florida writ of possession guidelines helps convince courts to accept the surety contact.

florida image 2What Is A Florida Writ Of Possession Bond?

A Florida writ of possession bond is a type of plaintiff bond. This surety bond is required when a plaintiff wishes to levy property before a court’s ruling. The bond gives the defendant financial backing should this levy be later deemed wrong.

Residents may also hear this type of surety bond referred to as a sequestration bond, replevin bond,  or claim and delivery bond.

Whichever name it goes by, a Florida writ of possession bond is designed to protect the defendant against harmful action by the plaintiff. Florida courts want to make sure that if the plaintiff levies property that it will not cause unnecessary harm to a defendant.

Are Florida Surety Bond Requirements Different Than Other States?

Florida does have specific requirements for their surety bonds. A writ of possession is required by any plaintiff who wants to tax or fine property before a court makes their final judgment.

Florida surety bond experts are members of the Jurisco staff. They work with clients to determine the amount of a Florida writ of possession, any court fees, and how to secure a low surety bond rate. These state experts work with clients in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and other areas in Florida.

The state of Florida gives the courts room to grant the plaintiff a right of writ of possession, but at the same time demand protection for the defendant. Meeting Florida guidelines means securing a writ of possession bond that does not leave the defendant high and dry.

How Long Does It Take To Secure A Florida Writ Of Possession Bond?

Working with a reputable Florida surety bond company like Jurisco is a fast way to secure a bond. Florida bond experts work with clients to deliver the right writ of possession bond. Jurisco also helps keep surety bond rates low.

Even clients who are dealing with bad credit will be able to find a reasonably low surety bond rate with Jurisco.  Fill out a Florida writ of possession application online to start the process. In most cases, Jurisco surety bond professionals secure the bond the same day the application is received.

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