Georgia Court Bonds

Georgia Court BondsGeorgia Court Bonds are a matter of importance for both the plaintiff and a defendant of a case. Depending on the details of the case, more than one court bond may be required by either party. A Jurisco surety bond professional will work with you to make sure the necessary bonds are written and ready when needed. Today we will talk about only a few types of court bonds. We invite you to contact us to discuss each bond further or to ask questions about a bond not listed.

Counter Replevin

A counter replevin bond is a surety bond required for the defendant who is wishing to regain possession of levied property. The plaintiff in the same case would have used a replevin bond to cover the action of repossession property. As for the replevin bond, the counter replevin bond must full cover the financial worth of the property and any court cost associated with the action. Georgia courts require this measure to protect both parties from a financial loss and wrongful repossession.


An appeal bond (also known as a supersedeas bond) guarantees the judgment will be paid and not delayed by an appeal. The defendant is responsible for obtaining this bond before a judgment is made if he or she wishes to stay a judgment. Otherwise the judgment must be settled immediately despite the time it will take to formerly hear an appeal. Courts require appeal bonds to protect the plaintiff against loss of a judgment or the defendant for dragging out the process simply to delay payment.


When a plaintiff attempts to garnish the defendant’s assets or wages before a judgment is made they are required to have a garnishment bond. This surety bond protects the defendant from any wrongful garnishments or financial losses. The cost of a garnishment bond is determined by the court after calculating the total amount of wages and/or assets to be garnished.


An injunction bond is another type of plaintiff bond. When a plaintiff seeks an injunction against a defendant he or she must prove to the court that they will cover all costs. Georgia courts view this mandate as a way of protecting the defendant from being wrongfully enjoined.

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