How Courts Use A Savannah Appeal Bond

A Savannah appeal bond is one of the most common types of surety bonds used in the city. Courts rely on the Savannah appeal bond to make sure the legal process plays out as it should and is not thrown off track by attempts to delay or deflect the judgement.

Appealing A Court Decision

While courts expect their rulings to be upheld, they also see the need for appeals and second review. That’s what in part makes the American judicial system so great. Being able to appeal a decision means that the defendant doesn’t have just one chance to prove their side.

Protecting Both the Plaintiff and Defendant

As with other types of court bonds, the Savannah appeal bond is used to cover the ramifications of a legal action. It operates like a wage garnishment bond works. Just as the garnishment bond protects against the financial loss of wages, the appeal bond protects the plaintiff against delayed payment.

The Savannah appeal bond is important in that it sends a clear message to the court that the defendant has no interest in delaying the judgement without course. There are situations where the appeal bond requirement can be waived, though. For instance, a plaintiff could agree that it is unnecessary. However, the final ruling will be made by the courts.

Low Cost of Savannah Appeal Bond

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Clients Rely on Surety Bond Expertise

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Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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