Jurisco works hard to make obtaining a surety bond in Huntsville, Alabama as stress-free as possible. Being about to serve the Huntsville community motivates bond professionals to do a great job every time they have the chance. Huntsville, AL may not be the home of movie stars, but it’s a community that cares for one another. It shows from the conversations between people to the companies operating here. Jurisco is proud to be a trusted source for a Huntsville surety bond.

What type of surety bonds are used in Huntsville?

There are four main types of Huntsville surety bonds including probate and fiduciary bonds, license and permit bonds, defendant bonds, and plaintiff bonds. Each type of bond comes with its own set of guidelines. Alabama surety bond experts at Jurisco understand what Huntsville requires and which bond is best.

Why does the state of Alabama require surety bonds?

Alabama isn’t alone in its reliance on surety bonds. Most every state has some sort of surety bond statute. This is due to the protection that a bond can provide. For instance, a bail bond allows for a small fraction of the amount to be paid while still holding the individual accountable. The same goes with a person who is trying to remove a lien on their property. Surety bonds can cover a wide range of responsibilities and cost.

Is a surety bond a better option than cash?

Surety bonds tend to be a better option than cash, given the speed in which they can be obtained, and the small cost they require. Every type of Huntsville surety bond only requires a small percentage of the overall value of the bond. To return to the example of removing a property lien, the surety bond value covers the amount of the lien. However, the surety bond holder only has to pay a small percentage instead of having to pay off the amount in cash right away.

Can Jurisco offer same-day bond service?

The majority of Jurisco clients in Huntsville receive same-day surety bond service. Each Huntsville surety bond application is available online so the process can begin at any time. Jurisco understands the time crunch for surety bonds. Contact Jurisco today to receive a Huntsville surety bond as quickly as possible.


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