Immigration Consultant Bond

Even in a non-election year immigration is a hot topic. When it’s not being debated about by presidential candidates, immigration is being discussed with the borders of the states. This is why an immigration consultant bond is always important.

What Is An Immigration Consultant Bond?

immigration consultant bondAn immigration consultant bond is a type of surety bond required for any person serving as a consultant to those who are seeking to work, visit, move to America.

Since an immigration consultant is entrusted with visa papers, legal identification and proper documentation, the individual wishing to the enter the country takes a risk by using this third-party service.

The immigration consultant bond protects both the immigration consultant and person using their business. However, the strengthening of the bond has been done in the total effort to protect those using a consultant.

California Immigration Consultant Bond

Back in 2014 Jurisco discussed the changes in California immigration consultant bonds. California doubled the immigration consultant bond requirements to $100,000 to ensure the quality of consultants.

The idea behind the increase is better consultants provide better, fairer services to those wishing to come to California.

Fulfilling The Promise Of A Dream

California is not the only state dealing with the immigration issue. As America continues to sell her Dream it isn’t hard to understand why so many people want to call this country home.

The immigration bond helps people make the trip to America for a vacation or to set up a permanent residence. It’s just one good step towards a better way of handling the flow of immigration.

No Bond, No Consultant

Before serving as a consultant, a surety bond must be secured. The bond must be renewed each year to avoid a lapse in coverage. Anyone offering nonbonded immigration services is not complying with state mandates.

Jurisco is the surety bond company that will make sure all state requirements are met. Since they operate nationwide they have local expertise combined with low surety bond rates.

Find the answers to your immigration consultant bond questions by contacting a Jurisco surety bond expert now.

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