In A Money Judgement Bind? Try A San Diego Stay Bond

Image of San Diego skyline on a bright sunny afternoon. The sky is blue without any clouds. The grass is green and at the end of the parkway is a lake.Facing the hefty fine of a money judgement can be hard on a defendant without a San Diego stay bond. The San Diego stay bond essentially is buying the defendant time to mount an appeal. Having to pay the judgement and mount a successful appeal is a serious challenge that the California courts recognize.

Stay A Judgement with a Surety Bond

While respecting the plaintiff’s rights to their judgement, the court often will grant a stay of judgement with a San Diego stay bond. It is rare to stay a judgement without a San Diego stay bond - even if both the plaintiff and defendant agree to forego the requirement.

The surety bond serves as a financial safety net. A way to hold the door open so to speak. The plaintiff is still entitled to their judgement, but the defendant doesn’t have to pay that out in addition to paying for a continued legal defense.

San Diego Stay Bond Rates

One way a San Diego stay bond serves its purpose is by being affordable. A San Diego stay bond must come with a low surety bond rate. And Jurisco makes sure that that’s how it happens.

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Speaking with a San Diego Surety Bond Expert

A great way to get a strong hold on a San Diego stay bond is to speak with a surety bond expert. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco are available when you are. Start the process with an online application. Or give Jurisco a call or write them an email.

The surety bond experts are available so you get your questions answered. Jurisco believes in professional service and will always strive to work with clients to receive the best San Diego stay bond service. Contact Jurisco to learn more.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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