Indemnity To Sheriff Bond In Washington

indemnity to sheriff bondOften times a court in the state of Washington hears a case involving ownership of property. This can be any number of things including cars, boats, houses, art. Lawyers come across this situation a lot.

Before a Judge has time to issue a ruling it may be necessary to remove the contested property from the defendant’s possession. Each county relies on their sheriff’s department to handle this removal and securement of property.

Duty To Protect

A defendant has every right to fight this action, however, and can seek restitution against the plaintiff if this action is later deemed unlawful by the court. Knowing this is possible the court protects the involved law enforcement agency through a surety bond.

When a plaintiff asks a Washington Sheriff’s Department to seize property from a defendant they are required to secure an indemnity to sheriff surety bond. Taking possession of property in Washington does not come without its consequences. The courts require the surety bond as a way to shield the various sheriff’s departments against legal action from the defendant.

In addition to covering both the defendant and sheriff’s department in the event of a wrongful removal, an indemnity to sheriff surety bond covers any damage done to said property during the seizure process.

Indemnity To Sheriff Bond

Anytime the courts grant a seizure of property they consider the defendant and plaintiff fully. Washington mandates that all parties be protected against wrongful harm. An indemnity to sheriff bond is just one-way surety bonds are used by the courts to safeguard against further damage.

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