Is An Attachment Bond Required for You?

Are you looking for an attachment bond in Illinois? Do you know the requirements for an attachment bond? Today you get to learn how Jurisco can help you obtain an attachment bond easily even if you are not in Illinois.

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When plaintiffs want to seize property they are required to have an Illinois attachment bond. This type of court bond is used only in situations when a property is being seized or otherwise attached.

Without this bond, a court is likely to deny the appeal to attach property. That’s why lawyers always recommend securing an attachment bond before even filing the appeal of attachment.

Why is an Attachment Bond Required?

The courts want to respect a plaintiff’s right to seek restitution. They must balance that, however, with the right of the defendant to not be exposed to harmful actions that may be unlawful. After all, the request to attach property is made before a judgment has even been issued.

Defendants who are having their property taken are covered by the Illinois attachment bond. Courts rely on this type of surety bond so both the plaintiff and defendant have financial backing in their actions.

An attachment bond is just one common example of a plaintiff bond. Other types of Illinois court bonds cover evictions, wage garnishment, and property liens. Defendants can also use bonds when making an appeal, transferring a lien, or filing for a counter replevin.

How Much Does An Attachment Bond Cost?

An attachment bond is the most cost-effective way to deal with an attachment. The surety bond only requires a small percentage of the upfront cost. Without an attachment bond, a plaintiff would have to cover the financial value of their actions in one lump sum payment in cash. That kind of cash can be hard to come up with, especially when the whole point of the case is to recoup lost funds.

By keeping surety bond rates low, Jurisco positions clients to be in the best position possible when it comes to their bonding needs. Jurisco is always happy to help explain the differences in cost and coverage.

Can A Surety Bond Expert Help?

A surety bond expert is always helpful at Jurisco. The nationwide surety bond provider offers local expertise and national financial backing. This means clients in your state receive the best surety bond service possible with the lowest surety bond rates around.

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