Is Cash Or Surety Bond Better?

The question over cash or surety bond comes up fairly often. Everyone wants to make sure they get the best deal so they ask if a surety bond is the best route to go. Once the sides are weighed a surety bond is better than cash.

The Cost Factor

cash or surety bond blogSince one of the most common reasons the cash or surety bond question comes up is because of cost let’s talk about cost first.

A good example of whether cash or surety bond is better is a bail bond. When someone is arrested they are either released freely or on bail. The majority of the time it’s on bail.

Now the person can either pay the full bail in cash or they can pay a portion of the bail with a surety bond. Either way, they will be released.

All state courts count on bail bonds because they are surety bonds. Surety bonds are generally a good indicator that people will return to court for their hearing as scheduled. Bonds also cover expenses such as court fees.

The requirement to only pay a portion of the overall amount typically leads people to choose a surety bond. This same cash or surety bond principal is applied to other types of bonds, too.

Cash or Surety Bond Clarity

There is always active discussion on whether or not certain situations call for cash and others call for surety bonds.

An interesting discussion about the pros and cons of a cash bond admits that cash is sometimes the cheaper alternative. The majority of the time this isn’t true, however. But it’s always important to know all the options.

Speaking with a surety bond experts about the decision of cash or surety bond brings all the options to the table.

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