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JURISCO Best Surety Bond ExpertsWelcome to the new JURISCO Best Surety Bond Experts blog! Whether it’s updates about surety bonding laws or discussion about bond quotes, you can expect to find new blog posts for an inside look at civil court bonds here. Blogging is one more door of communication to help us listen to you and open the floor to questions and comments.

Communication doesn’t rely solely on conveying a message, but to listening and interpreting what’s being said too. It’s the interpreter who holds the meaning of the message. We want this blog to be a reflection of what you want to know and a discussion of issues needing cleared up. Consider it FAQ 2.0 with questions you actually want to ask.

Another goal for this blog is to acquaint those we have not met face-to-face to how we feel about our business. The Internet isn’t a substitution for a face-to-face meet and greet, but it will give us a chance to talk about what you can expect from JURISCO.

We invite you to follow along with us and participate however you would like.

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