Kansas Surety Bond Requirements

Satisfying Kansas surety bond requirements may seem overwhelming on your own. That’s why Jurisco is here to help. The lawyer-trained staff are experts on Kansas surety bonds so they always know the whys, hows, and ways to make surety bond rates lower.

Surety bonds are used throughout the state of Kansas regardless of if a person or business is located in Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, or any other county. The state relies on surety bonds when it accepts bids on public construction projects, hears cases in a court of law, or onlines new businesses into the appropriate ways to handle business within the state.

Types of Kansas Surety Bonds Used in Court

Some of the most common Kansas surety bonds are used in court cases. Court bonds can be divided between plaintiff and defendant bonds.

Plaintiff bonds include injunction bonds, garnishment bonds, and distress bonds. An injunction bond is used when a plaintiff seeks an injunction against a defendant. Garnishment bonds are for any use of garnishing wages as the court fully understands the impact of losing wages. And a distress bond is a recourse for landlords who need to evict tenants who are not paying.

Defendant bonds include stay bonds, transfer of lien bonds, and counter replevin bonds. Stay bonds are used when appealing a ruling. The defendant stays the requirement of having to pay the judgement during the appeal process. Transfer of lien bonds moves the lien from property to a surety bond. And counter replevin bonds are used to regain possession of seized property.

Other Ways to Use a Kansas Surety Bond

In addition to legal cases, a Kansas surety bond can pop up in business, local legislative actions, and individual lives.

For businesses, the state requires a Kansas surety bond for any seller of travel or individual overseeing mortgages. Legislative action could include a bid protest bond on bids for construction projects that involve a municipality. And individual lives can be impacted should they require the use of a guardian or decide to open up a business themselves.

Lower the Cost of a Surety Bond

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