Leaning On A Seattle Lien Bond

A property lien isn’t anything to scoff at which is why a Seattle lien bond can be such a lifesaver. Think about how disastrous a property lien can be when trying to sale a house in preparation for a move to take a better job. Instead of being able to sell the property, a lien is a black spot on the home mortgage.

In these circumstances, a surety bond may not be the first thing to spring to mind. But as the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco can attest, a surety bond is one of the best techniques to employ when dealing with liens.

Using a Lien to Resolve Payment Issues

Liens are serious business. They often stem from allegations of failure to pay. Subcontractors on construction projects place liens against the contractor’s property and sometimes even on the property where the allegate wages were earned.

A lien supplies adequate pressure to get the attention of both the contractor and the project client. This can be harmful to both the contractor’s place of living and how they earn their living. Therefore, most  people seek to resolve any lien issues quickly and effectively to minimize damage.

Satisfying A Lien with a Surety Bond

A transfer of lien bond is a type of Seattle lien bond that allows the value of the lien to be transferred from property to the surety bond itself. This means the plaintiff is still protected and assured that if the judgment rules in their favor that there will be financial restitution.

This transfer of lien bond can even free up property so it can be sold. It can also clear any bad air created by the allegations with swift action. One of the best parts of being able to use a bond to satisfy a lien is how inexpensive it can be.

A Seattle lien bond does not require a full upfront cash payment. Satisfying a lien without a Seattle lien bond does. With Jurisco clients only have to pay out a nominal fee in order to receive thousands in protection.

Being able to manage costs this way allows surety bonds to be used widely in practice. It’s also another reason why the courts rely so heavily on this pieces of insurance.

Receive Same Day Surety Bond Service

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You can start the Seattle lien bond process anytime by completing an online application. Once your application is received a Seattle surety bond expert will begin working on your case right away.

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