Lien Release California Mandates

A lien release California surety bond helps remove a lien on property. A property lien can cause trouble so it is best to remove the lien as soon as possible. Using a surety bond is a quick way to handle liens.

How A Transfer Of Lien Bond Works

Remove a property lien with a lien release California surety bond.

Remove a property lien with a lien release California surety bond.

A lien release California bond is a type of defendant bond. This court surety bond covers the full amount of the lien on the property. This bond is also referred to as a transfer of lien bond.

Property liens can tie up the sale of property, construction projects, and even lead to a foreclosure action.

A lien release California surety bond replaces the lien on the property with the promissory note of the bond. By replacing the lien with the bond the property under lien can now be handled as normal regarding a sale, transfer, etc.

Fulfilling Lien Release California Requirements

Working with a California surety bond expert makes the release of lien process simple. The knowledge of state operations helps clients navigate the surety bond waters.

By creating a simple lien release California process, a transfer of lien bond is often secured the same day the application is received. Jurisco offers this fast service so clients have the surety bonds they need when they need them.

California makes a strong effort to help both individuals and companies avoid liens. One resource is the California unconditional waiver release form. The Jurisco surety bond expert makes sure clients understand all their resources.

Free Up Property With A Release Of Lien Bond

Worried about a property lien? Take care of things with Jurisco’s help. Start the surety bond application online or contact a member of the Jurisco team now.

It only takes a few minutes and then the lien release California application is almost complete. Don’t let a property lien cause trouble. Handle the situation the best way possible with a transfer of lien bond.

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