The state seal of LouisianaBefore an individual can become an auctioneer or operate an auction house, they must comply with state regulations. A Louisiana auctioneer license bond is mandated for everyone applying for auctioneer status. This type of surety bond is important in satisfying all state licensing requirements. Jurisco is able to provide fast, professional service for anyone needing a Louisiana auctioneer license bond.

Why Is A Louisiana Auctioneer License Bond Required?

Surety bonds are often regulated by the state of Louisiana, so it’s no shock to see an auctioneer license bond required. The Louisiana auctioneer bond is regulated for the same reason as a trustee or guardianship bond – to offer protection. The Louisiana auctioneer license bond offers protection against unlawful action that could result in property loss or theft of funds.

In order to fully comply with the Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board, a surety bond must be secured. While there are other regulations to receiving a license, this surety bond is a big piece of the puzzle.

How Much Does an Auctioneer License Bond Cost?

The state of Louisiana has set the minimum of an auctioneer license bond value to be $10,000. Local jurisdictions across the state could enforce a higher maximum or reduce the cost. Louisiana surety bond experts at Jurisco help clients determine which value works best for them.

One of the benefits of using a surety bond is not having to come up with $10,000 in cash. Instead, all you pay is a small percentage and you still receive 100% coverage.

Failure to comply with state licensing requirements will only lead to more headaches and higher costs.

Can A Surety Bond Expert Help?

Understanding how to meet state requirements can be puzzling. The surety bond experts at Jurisco are always willing to lend an ear to discuss Louisiana auctioneer license bonds. Contact Jurisco today to learn more about state regulations for a Louisiana auctioneer bond.


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